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Well, to get into a sixth form or college to do A-levels, you need at least 5 Cs including English and maths. Those subjects at grades C or above are required for a lot of university courses and some jobs as well. In terms of getting into good universities, I don't think GCSEs are that important compared to A-levels, but they are beginning to be more important because so many candidates have top A-level grades. Just try your best to get all Cs and above and as many A*s and As as you can, especially in subjects you want to carry on with.
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I think that there has been a huge inflation in the importance of GCSE results in the past few years, with the 'dumbing down' of examinations and also, as kellywood_5 also pointed out, that A grades at A-level are becoming more and more commonplace with top university applicants.

I think what GCSEs offer universities is an indication of how well you can perform at a range of subjects, of which you will inevitably not like at least one or two. At A-level, since you are specialising, it only gives them an indication of how good you are in your best subjects, or indeed the subjects you enjoy most, whereas at GCSE, you are giving an indication of how well you can manage and juggle 9-12 subjects at one time. Even though this is not an indication of intelligence in itself, I think this is what universities could be looking for, since if you can perform well in 12 subjects, you can probably perform exceedingly well in one, once your skills have been honed.

Hope that helps

- Don't panic!
Get 5 C's and you're fine.
If you get C's or above in all your GCSE's your are guarenteed to do anything (e.g. sixth form/college or work).
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Can i just say I didnt get A* or A at GCSE, I only got 6 GCSES at B which my college accepted as 4, which made me do GNVQ. I made a massive deal out of it and got my place on A Level courses- Now im getting A and B at A Level plus i gained a C at a GCSE Retake.
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Yeh, it all depends on what you intend to go on and do. For most people 5 A-Cs is the rudimentary bench-mark that gives you access to most courses etc. etc. except some pretty exclusive ones such as Further Maths. GCSEs are important if you are considering application to a good red-brick University or Oxbridge... Probably anything above 5A*s and 5As is immaterial as these grades will still place you in good stead for application to the most competitive Unis (except for ultra competitive courses like medicine!) I tihnk, don't worry about it until you've actually taken the exams and have to think 'what next?' Just do your best and don't worry (unless you are a prospective gangster or rapper in which case it is probably uncool to do well!)