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What happens if you dont meet your entry requirements???

hey everyone was jus wonderin if someone could possibly help, m really worried i wont get my entry requirements even though theyre not that hi compared to loads of other ppl goin 2 ucl, theyve given me a conditional offer of BBB n my pred grades were ABB last year but things have really gotton worse this year and as a result i didnt prioritise my education n now m looking to failing my a levels wel its not that extreme but suffice 2 say i dont think il get the required grades, does that mean i automatically lose my place?? i really want 2 go 2 ucl wel more specifically SSEES where i have my place 2 do history but if i dont get the grades is that it 4 me? has this happened 2 anyone b4? pls tel me anythin u can, seriously it wil be much appreciated, am really stressing xx
Hi Tasha :smile:
It's difficult to say, to be honest. Basically UCL will accept everyone who meets the grades (obviously), then they will let more in if they haven't filled up all their places.

Let's say there are 150 places for history.

If 100 of those with offers get BBB, they'll get in.
Then people who miss out by 1 grade will be accepted. So, say, 30 with BBC.
Then people who miss out by 2 grades (BCC)...

This'll carry on until they fill up all their places.

They WILL take into consideration and personal events which may have affected exam perofrmance though. Good luck!
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I dont know anything about that, but dont be too worry :smile: Just do your best!
Tell UCL NOW if you have personal problems! The admissions staff are always really friendly!
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they wont accept you unless you tell them about the problems now!

If you get BCC you may have a chance, but CCC and below its pushing it, so speak to admission peeps and you might be able to get in depending on how serious your problems are.
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Do it, Tasha! See if you can get in touch with an admissions staff now. Onearmedbandit had a good summary of the general picture and I can't add much since I don't know anyone in your position. But all the best and hope to see you at UCL soon.
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Ive been having probs with one of the 2 colleges i go to, 1 of which being me missing quite a significant amount of lessons because of timetable clashes, my head of 6th form has written a letter just today and sent it off to explain all the probs ive been faced with. I thought it'd be too late, isnt most unis incl UCL finished already as well?