Lower back pain, can't stand up straight :/

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    Thursday evening i started to get this dull pain in my lower back and it hurt so much that i really couldn't stand up straight. I dismissed it slightly and figured it would just go away after a nights sleep.
    This has continued through friday and i still have lower back pain again today.

    I havent been drinking so exclude a drunken injury, and pain killers don't appear to be doing anything for it.

    Any suggestions? :/

    I often have near-disabling lower back pain and I find that I can get rid of it by doing these exercises: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WZGAIBhaPs
    When I do these, it feels almost instantly better. [But with the first exercise I don't do as many as she is suggesting, nor do I do the elbow-to-knee movement.]
    These are also good exercises: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aag2g9GvED4

    Hope that helps
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    thankyou, i'll give it a go now =)

    Hi! I just recently started experiencing some lower back pain that did not seem to want to go away on its own, so I did some Googling and happened upon this thread. InconspicuousGuy's experience was similar to mine, as I cannot link my pain to anything in particular, it just crept up on me and continued to get worse.

    brokenalien, IG posted that he would try the exercises in the videos you posted, but he never replied on how they worked out for him. Well, I tried them, and you're right! Wow, it was immediate relief. Amazing, for such simple movements. I still feel a little pain, but it's no longer "near-disabling," as you put it. Now I feel much better about seeing a chiropractor this week. I was hesitant while the pain was so intense, as it may be more than a chiropractor can handle. But now hopefully I can seek some professional treatment and be on the way to a permanent healing.

    I also have a renewed motivation for getting back into working out on a regular basis. It is so important to have a strong core, and I think the results from these simple exercises underscore that philosophy.

    Thank you!!
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Updated: June 13, 2010
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