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Depends what ya want from the relationship..

If u just want a shag then meet him and shag him.

If u want a proper relationship, it really depends on the guy
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Meet up with him, see how it goes, and take it from there. No one knows what's going to happen, so why not give it a try?
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You have to think about why you broke up in the first place and if things will be different. If the feelings are still there, then I'd say go for it. But in my opinion I would always go for a fresh start. In my case too much has gone on for me to go back to an ex. But good luck in whatever you decide to do, and even if it doesn't work out, you will always have a friend.
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*Just be careful that if things went a bit nasty previously, that you both agree all is forgotten this time around - otherwise you'll be stuck in the past and you'll never move on/ get somewhere. :wink:
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if its just about the sex, make sure u both know it.

if you want a relationship.... don't shag him too early :biggrin: that way you will be able to see how serious he is
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Long distance relationships only work if both parties are willing to make them work, otherwise you'd be better off staying as mates. I think you'll know instantly what you want from the relationship as soon as you see him again. The best idea is to start from the beginning again, don't have any expectations of what should happen and just be yourself and have fun. Then take it from there.