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How ethnically diverse is Cambridge?

I've grown up in London, so I'm used to chatting to a lot of brown people, black people, orientals etc as well as white English people. But I know that Cambridge has a much higher percentage of white English people than London Unis. What kinda figures are we talking about?

(Not that I have an issue with it - just curious)
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I believe there are figures floating around on the cambridge website. If you can't find them post back and I'll have a look.
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Yep, there are official statistics available somewhere. But as a summary, people of African/Afro-Caribbean origin are seriously underrepresented, while other ethnic groups generally seem to be represented proportionately. Not that that necessarily means that Cambridge is racist against black people of course; I'd suggest that the problem arises much before university entrance stage.
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I also (when clearing out my room) found there was an article about it in the 13th Feb issue of Varsity.
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This is the reason I knew I wouldn't have to search for the stats myself.
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Here are the stats

Cambridge is actively trying to encourage more ethnic minority applications as it doesn't get enough. There is a group dedicated to this work called GEEMA. See

This table is titled

TABLE 8.1 Home applicants and acceptances to Cambridge by ethnic origin 2008 and 2007

so I suppose it doesn't include "non-home" applicants, i.e. people who haven't been in the UK during the three years before their studies start. This table is a decent measure to assess which groups are under-represented, but in terms of what the OP is looking for, it is misleading, since there are quite a few overseas applicants as well:
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Not sure, but if I recall correctly there's a surfeit of Japanse tourists.
lol... i love you guys, comparing which group of stats are most relevant to answer the question, then picking apart the question.

am really looking forward to being around people who think like you do.