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    Which is the harder specification of Maths at a level, mechanics or statistics (M1 or S1) - and which do you think would be more useful for a career in medicine?

    Ok in general statistics is considered easier, as the concepts are less hard to follow and basically you just have to know the standard formats and then use your data sheets to find values. That said I was awful at stats, much to the surprise of every1 as I am uber-math-girl!!! But yeh 90% of people will tell you stats is easier

    Although neither of them really has a direct application in medicine you will be expected to use statistics in your A2 Biology and Chemistry coursework (I'm assuming that you'll be taking Biology and Chemistry as well) and probably physics if you're taking that... so Stats would come in useful. On the other hand, if you're stronger in physics than the other sciences then mechanics correlates more strongly with physics

    Stats is easier but if you do Physics take Mechanics! It's nothing new really...

    (Original post by Nathaniel)
    Which is the harder specification of Maths at a level, mechanics or statistics (M1 or S1) - and which do you think would be more useful for a career in medicine?

    Mechanics is alot more interesting, but Statisticsis ALOT easier, aand i can see that both would be equally helpfull in a maedical career
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    The one you find easier will depend on you - some people have an affinity with mechanics and modelling physical problems, others prefer statistical analysis.

    If you have no particular preference I would recommend stats. Even though it can be quite boring to learn, at some point in the future you could find yourself trialling drug treatments, or trying to understand statistical analyses of drug tests, or struggling to communicate the concept of risk / uncertainty to patients. Depends on how you intend to specialise within medicine...

    Blah pure all the way!

    Now to the subject. I've never done mechanics (only in physics) but I'm tempted to say that statistics will be more usefull for u. Easy-shmeasy they are both applied unit what would u expect :p:

    if ur doing edexcel then ur gonna be doing the new spec of maths. To be honest mechanics aint that hard. But stats is easy. but it does become boring VERY quickly. if u want to do something intersting do mechanics ur gonna be doing only m1 and m2 for the appiled section of maths so its ok. thing is even tho stats is easy, in the exam is also easy to lose marks. howEVER mechanics u know when ur right or wrong. It may seem strange to u , but at the end of the day do wat u think will be good for u !
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