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Emily Bowes Court - Hale Village

Did anyone receive an offer for Emily Bowes Court?

Will you take it?

I don't know's the most expensive hall + 51 weeks!!

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i am studying at LCF and was placed in Emily Bowes

it wasnt even any of my 3 choices and it is so far away from the school.

i am an international student and am pretty upset.. although the only good thing that I can tell is that it is a brand new building etc etc....

i dont think we have a choice as to taking it or not - i think we have to?! :s-smilie:
UAL entrance
University of the Arts London
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well, it was my 3rd choice so I can't really complain - but I only but it as third to make sure I won't end up in Ewen Henderson &Co. + because it's new :smile:

Going into the private sector would be a possibility. I doubt it would be much cheaper though.

What are you studying at LCF? I had an offer for Fashion Business
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I recieved my email today, and have been given Emily Bowes Court- it was my 3rd choice.
I'm 50/50 on it, it should be really nice as its new. But i havn't been able to read reviews of the area and see pictures, plus it is the most expensive! (Do any of you know any info on it?) But i think i will take up the offer.

I am also going to be starting at LCF in September.
there is no information at all anywhere...

do we have the option to be put somewhere else or are placements final?? does anyone know?
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don't know much more as on the UAL site but that's the link to unite's website:
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Hi -coley- have you checked the UAL site back they have now put tiny pics on the Hale Village section, it does look very nice although it is miles from anywhere :smile: What course are you doing?

I'm wanting to know more about the area do any of you know?
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yea i've seen it..thank you!

I've decided to take it..i mean it's right next to the tube& it'll only take me around 30minutes to LCC, should be fine!
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Just accepted. Bit pissed off about the price and the distance, but other than that, looks pretty cool.
My brother in law is from London and here is what he emailed me about the location of Hale Village ...

one of the main things about London is the need to be near transport, and the Victoria Line is one of the best lines to be on -it was one of the last ones to be built and it's always been one of the best maintained ones, so it has the fewest delays. You're like 18 minutes from Oxford Circus and about 1 hour 10 minutes from Heathrow (for example) and Gatwick, 45 mins from Stansted (hello! Ryanair!). Plus
you have overland rail access into Liverpool St - which is excellent for clubbing in Hoxton but also for Sunday morning trips to Brick Lane and Spitalfields
Hi Joe!? where abouts are you going to be studying?

ohh thanks for that nycitygirl62 :biggrin: is the area nice? i have heard mixed views on tottenham all i know is it has a football team :P
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Sup! I'm doing my foundation year at CSM.
The area is pretty boring, I've been told, not a lot going on. The "village" we're part of is due to be completed by 2012 so I'd expect a bit of building work going on while we're there. The surrounding areas are pretty crap too, from what I've heard. I reckon the closest cool places are Islington and Hoxton. Lucky we're right next to the tube I guess.
Ohh thats boring! I guess im gunna spend alot of time on the tube :smile: Was Emily Bowes Court your first choice?
I would have liked my first and second choices better, they were don gratton and manna ash. What were your choices?
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I can't even remember my top 3, Emily Bowes definately wasn't one of them though. I'm just glad I got housing 'cause I live quite close to London so didn't think I would.

What date are people thinking of moving in?
well at least the rooms will be fresh and clean for us!
I went on the internet and found some really mixed reviews of the neighborhood.. one of them was really bad/scary and some were really good.. so I am going to stop searching

so what did everyone request:
Mixed? all girls/boys?!

I went for Mixed.. i've never lived with boys so I thought i would mix it up a little... : )

When CAN we move in?
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Well my course starts on the 21st and 'Freshers festival' starts on the 17th, so I was thinking of heading over on the 14th.

I went for mixed.
Well my course starts on the 21st and 'Freshers festival' starts on the 17th, so I was thinking of heading over on the 14th.

Joe - whats the Freshers Festival? :woo:
Joe how do you know all this?:smile: freshers festival sounds fun :woo:

I went for mixed too living with girls all the time would drive me round the bend :p:

I reckon i will also move in the week starting the 14th, hope we can move on then! I don't have a clue what to take ARGHH

You think we are allowed mini fridges in our rooms?
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This is fresher's festival:

The website makes it look crap, I just assume it's when everyone starts drinking heavily.
Oh i see, should be a laugh!
I think i will prob move in on the 14th if we are allowed then :smile:

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