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hellooo future hallmates :wink:

thank you nycitygirl62, sounds really good then (apart from the "boring")..i'm really excited!!:biggrin:

i went for mixed too and am planning to move in on the 13/14, if possible..
UAL entrance
University of the Arts London
i just got my contract through and it is mine from the 13th september so i will prob move in over the 13/14th

what flats are you all in? i am in block A flat A406
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mine's block A flat A501 :smile:
how did you get your contract? via post? email?!
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i got mine via e-mail on friday..
Just found out today I've been placed here!

Gutted about the price like, I was going to struggle enough with any of the halls, since I'm on an access course and won't get a student loan, for £150 a week you can get rent a house here ha. Wasn't one of my choices, but I'm pretty excited now :smile:
Caramelfrapp... i am on the same boat as you - we can be boroke together, if that makes you feel any better!!
We're going to have to survive on smartprice vodka and pot noodles ha,
i've just been on the unite website, it looks amazing!
can you post that link pls!
Wooo another person :biggrin: Caramelfrapp where are you studying?

Caramelfrapp and nycitygirl62 - do you know which flats you are in yet?

I sent my deposit and stuff off in the post yesterday :smile: has to be there on friday is that the same for everyone?
Lime grove, it's soooo far away!
Housing wrote my email address down wrong, so after ringing them every other day for the past fortnight, they finally changed it and I only found out yesterday, the woman at housing said they'd extend my deadline to the 10th, so I hope they actually have ha,
how long did it take from sending that email form back was it until you got your forms and everything?
WOO im at Lime Grove too what are you doing there?
It took about 4 days from me sending the first email back and then getting the forms in the email to print off and send back by this friday :smile:
Access to fashion media and communications :smile:
I'm sooo glad I'm not the only one from Lime Grove there, would have proper hated having to trek all the way there by myself ha,
I hope that woman from housing actually extended my deadline, I'll have to clear my schedule tomorrow to ring and find out.

I'm dead excited to move down :smile:
I am so glad too :P thought it was just gunna be me trekking it all the way there on my own!

Yeah give them a call i got an email last night saying that the deadline was today at 12pm, which made me worried whether or not they got my deposit and stuff! hopefully it was just an automated one :smile:

So what are all you guys gunna take with you when moving in? other than all the normal shizz! I can't decided if im gunna have a TV in my room, just the TV liscence is alot and i don't know if i am gunna watch it because there is one in the living room thing.
I haven't even got my contract through yet ha,
I'm not going to take a TV like, the license is like a months worth of food or something, I might pawn my tv ha.
I'm going to try and not take that much down, I'm going to ebay all of my clothes to help with the rent, then just take like 20 things down,
I love looking at pans and bedding and that, I feel like a proper grown up haha :smile:
I think im gunna turn up with tonnes :o:
I'm not to sure what kicten stuff to take i think i am just going to take a wok and a sauce pan and other bits and bobs :smile: because all of us are using the kitchen and what will the point be in having 15 saucepans for 5ish people?

I have done a rough list of all bits i need to go with me and i guess i will gradually work down it :p:

Do you know what we do about internet in our rooms? and how much it is?
Shall i just take my dongle?
I really don't know, because on the UAL website for Hale Village it says that internet isn't included, but on the unite website it says it maybe it is for the students who rent it privately. I don't know how we'd get it if it isn't included, you might get a password or whatever then have to top it up,
yeah, the pan thing is rubbish ha, there's just gonna be cupboards full of pans.
Yeah that confused me aswell :smile: i think i might go by the unite website but we will soon find out when we are there!
Do any of you know which way it is out of tottenham hale tube station? :p: I know it is like 2 mins but in what direction?
I have decided im not going to take much with me i am going to buy it all there! Tottenham Hale retail park is just round the corner and it has got everyshop i will need to settle in, plus a KFC WOOO!!

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