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Second hand book store in sheffield?

I just moved to sheffield and since I'm on a tight budget can't afford most of the brand new stuff. So Anybody know of a place where they sell second hand books in sheffield? Even a cheap book store would help.
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Nope, but try this:

Add the ISBN codes of the books you are looking to buy and it will email you when someone puts them up for sale. Failing that, Amazon is usually a good bet.
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There is an Oxfam book shop on West Street that has a lot of text books in. There is also a store on Sharrow Vale Road (just of Ecclesall Road) that students sell their old text books to.
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Use the library or buy off students that have finished the course your doing and want rid of their books
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About buying textbooks.

Amazon marketplace is a good place to look, but the best time to buy is the end of term, when everyone puts their books up for sale, because they've finished with them, but no one buys any until the next term starts, so find out what books you'll want in advance. Also, most departments run their own book sales don't they? I know geography used to. Also, also, the book fairs in the union often have text books, and sometimes they have one you'd like and they're nearly always less than a fiver.

What some nasty people do is get them out of the library, (£10? fine maximum) then wait until the end of term when they'll threaten to charge you for the book and return it. Don't do that, it pisses everyone off.