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I am thinking about applyin 2 lipa but wondered if anyone knew ifit was hard 2 get in to? is it really gd?
ive danced since i was 2 (so 14 yrs) and acted since i was 8
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One of my mates applied there, and the audition sounded really hard. I think she had to learn a dance, learn to th ewhole sixteen going on seventeen (from the sound of music, even the bit not in the film) there was some other things she hard to do, it was like a whole day workshop, and those that they liked got to stay to the end of the day kind of thing. But it's supposed to be really good.
Students in Lecture Theatre, University of Liverpool
University of Liverpool
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Hiya three of my friends applied there and there all really talented, only one got in though but she decided not to go because she decided they put to much emphasis on the equipment they had rather than focusing on teaching the acting. I know some stuff about the audition however, you have to prepare a song that's appropriate for what age you are, it's better to go for one that's not obvious 'cause a popular one that apprently everyone sings is 'On my own' from Les Miserables. If you're going for acting there are stages, it's sort of like a pop idol thing, they'll let you continue into the next stage if they consider you a strong performer. If you need any more information just ask and i'll ask my friends or go on the chat room at 'cause there are people on there who attend LIPA or who have auditioned. Hope i've been some help, and good luck if you decide to audition! :smile:
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You have to be pretty damn good, so get practising.

Funnily enough, a friend of mine auditioned, and the bloke listening told her she had a vocal condition - she got checked out and he was confirmed. She was puzzled that her singing teacher didn't clock on.
I have heard very mixed opinions about LIPA. Some friends auditioned and got in but they rejected thier places in favour of somewhere else because they weren't too impressed by the courses and the institution. I think because it is fairly new (in comparison to other institutions) it hasn't fully established its reputation yet so judgements are mixed. I have heard a lot of negative things about it from those who auditioned especially about the way they audition people and also the courses and teaching. However saying that it is a competative institution and it is still difficult to get a place (much like anywhere else).

If you are really serious about proffessional training in acting there are better institutions to go to. For dance however it is supposed to be highly rated!!!
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I go to LIPA and it is a fantastic place and I'm not just saying that becuase I go. I think you'll find a lot of people who are ''deciding to go to other places'' didn't actually get in and are just saying that! There's a lot of jealously surrounding LIPA because the facilities and industry contacts are so good.

Its 10 years old now, so it has established itself fairly well into the industry and the opportunties on offer to you when u are there are fantastic. I'm on the management course and some of the things we do are the best in the country bar none.

As for dance being the best course - its actually the poorest one!

I think that you should bear in mind that there are only 20 places on each course for UK students ( 25 places in all but there will be at least 5 international students on each course) so when auditioning you've really really got to shine!!

The courses in general are very vocational. You wont just get taught how to act, or dance or sing - you get taught about the industry and how to survive a lasting career out there.

A massive 86% of Graduates have work in the business so its obviously doing something right!!

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Hi im not being confrontational or anything cause thats totally not in my nature but my friend actually did get accepted and decided not to go 'cause i was there when she got her letter and she had good arguments both for and against going. I'm not saying LIPA is a bad institution compared to many its a lot better but for some people it just doesn't fit their criteria and that could be down to a number of things and its probably the same for everyone else who didnt accept their offer.
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Dance is not the poorest one! It's absolutely fantastic! The staff are great, the opportunities they give us are great and the dance graduates hae landed some great jobs.

LIPA has mixed reviews from the students lol if you suite the LIPA environment you'll do great if you don't you'll struggle I guess!
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i guess it depends more on whether LIPA suits the individual. hope it suits me, i should be there in a few months (exams going well+all)