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(I also have a weird thing with multiples of seven, and tomorrow's the 7th) :h:

Date FAIL.
Date FAIL.

Ha, for some reason I thought it was Tuesday today :o:
a fresh student
Anyone has experience of an interview test for Natural Sciences? Particularly interested about Robinson College, but information about tests at other colleges is in fact just as useful.
It was changed (relatively) recently, I think.
Im planning on doing maths, physics and chemistry, along with computer science. But what does computer science actually consist of?

Basically some abstract maths and digital algebra in first term followed by programming (Java) in second term.
I'm not entirely sure why I chose BNC over Balliol to be honest, in fact when I visited I'd say Balliol seemed to have the better facilities and for PPE, the reputation. I just felt more "at home" with BNC and something really just clicked there for me. Might seem a bit bizarre to base my college decision on something as transient as emotions etc. but usually gut instincts don't betray.

And good luck with your application, hope it goes all as you want it to :smile: I'm still waiting for my tutor to finish my reference, feels like its' taking forever. I just want it sent off and be done with! :woo: :eek3:

I actually think most people go based on first impressions.. Most people would tell you it doesn't even really matter anyway, whichever college you get into, so long as you get in. Ugh... these applictions are killing me.. I'm just entering my grades... for AS... are you putting in your UMS scores?? I don't know whether this'll disadvantage my application or not.. I missed an A for C2 by 2 marks... got an overall A though.. :s-smilie:
I couldn't fit my UMS in on UCAS so eitherway I can't put them in. Could always get it mentioned in my tutor reference but I've got a thousand extenuating circumstances to go in there so need that space badly.

If you're an excellent all rounder then I can't see a slightly lower UMS having much impact at all.

Don't stress too hard over them, though I suppose it's easier said than done. I'm applying with some *very* inconsistent UMS and although I do have some really good reasons for it, it's still a worry, I have serious doubts about even getting an interview. But I just made my PS the best I possibly could whilst staying true to my interests and will bust my butt for the TSA to hopefully get interviewed in December and wedge a foot in the door.
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Any help/opinion/random input will be much appreciated :smile:

Go for Teddy Hall. My english teacher went there and absolutely loved it, apparently it's really relaxed and friendly, close-knit community etc.

imagine if you apply to balliol and get rejected... there's always the "what if i'd applied to teddy hall"... plus you can't reapply because you're already on a gap year

I'm sorry about the typical post, I have looked up the wiki's and the prospectuses but I'm just looking for any information or (independant :wink:) advice.

Basically my choice is between the two mentioned, Somerville and Jesus. My problems are: I am a vegetarian who is someone picky about food and would therefore prefer selfcatering AND I have no savings or money whatsoever for university, (adding to why I sort of need selfcatering) which also means I'm having to be pretty price conscious on the two.

I loved both when I visited the open day but I was really blown away by Jesus. My worry over this is that I might not be able to afford the extra £85 a term rent (I know, it counts!) as well as catering costs (which are pretty significant) on top of everything else. However I was told Jesus was one of the richest colleges and had grants available, does anyone know whether they could support me to the extent where it wouldn't make a difference?

Money is basically the real problem here, my school are pressuring me to make a quick choice but I just want to be sure :frown: Thank you for reading !
I want to do physical science in Robinson.
Is it ok if I just do maths, further maths and physics.
Add in chemistry for a strong application.
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Some places consider maths and further maths as an 'overlap' and require a fourth subject.
Okay first off - seriously Jesus charge more for rent??? Jesus is always ridiculously cheap for rent!! Somerville must be about the cheapest in the university if they beat us :eek:
Have you actually checked with the accommodation offices? I know that the alternative prospectus figures are so far out that it's not worth comparing them, so that's priority 1.
As far as bursaries etc, if you're in need of proper hardship money, then yes there is funding for that, but more of the Jesus funding is in terms of non-essential monies - e.g. they're very well placed for helping you out with music tuition (Vaughan Thomas Fund); non-academic travel (The Dodd Fund); academic travel for that matter (numerous); sports equipment etc
Depending on your income, you're probably eligible for something - if your household income is below £50 000 then you can apply for both uni and college support as detailed here: and

Catering costs at Jesus really aren't that high, when you consider that you can, for instance, get two slices of toast at breakfast for 20p and happily survive on a plate of pasta for a pound, plus a third of a plate of salad for 17p (... plus some inflation in the two years since I left!) Once you move out in second year you've got a full proper kitchen (none of this microwave rubbish - you have an oven and hobs and a fridge and freezer) so you can eat very very cheaply.
This kind of question would be much better directed at the Robinson College Admissions Office. Nobody on TSR can speak for them.

Ihave sent an email. But I want to know it quickly.
Add in chemistry for a strong application.

Actually, I dropped chemistry, and i'm not good at chemistry. I just want to do physics after the first year.
Name: Tom
College: Exeter
UCAS status: my ps is done, 3999 characters :wink: lol and my reference is done, just waiting for the thumbs up from head of 6th to send, should be friday :s im so nervous lol
Best of luck to everyone - Hope the thread is still relevant and helpful

Tom (the guy that wrote the guide).

This gives the undergraduate numbers by course for each college - might help choices. Don't use it as a sole reason for choosing a college though
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Hello guys, I am an international applicant for PPE this year (from Germany) and I am really concerned aboutmy marks.

Here is my situation:

In my final four examinations (Abitur) I got the german equivalent for A*AAA including Math and Social Sciences (which includes Economics), the years before I also got AA for Philosophy and History.
(overall 10 A*)

Overall average of 1.1 (Oxford says an average between 1.0 and 1.5 is required) (better than 1.0 isnt possible)

3rd place biggest nation-wide debating contest
award for a philosophy essay
leader of a foundation
already studied a master-course at university besides school

The big problem is maths...: From all the marks I have listed in my UCAS form from math I got:
B, B*, A, A, A (Bs are from 2008, As from 08/09)

Do you think I will have a chance, or will they reject me directly because of the fail in maths ? (the Bs were two years ago, when I did not even consider to apply at Oxford and right now I am on a gap year) I am sitting here and actually have nobody to ask about this so I turned to you - any opinions? (Right now I feel as if the whole applications was a waste of time :frown: )

Best regards from Germany and congratz for this great forum!
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As mentioned above you might find your choices limited without chemistry, and they require maths to "as high a level as you can manage"--so that kind of implies that they would be more interested in your Further Maths--I hope the college has replied to you-with freshers, new term and only a few days left to the application deadline they will be pretty busy!
I don't think the B's will be that much of a problem (depends on the tutor) - You have nothing to lose by applying

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