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MA Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths

Hello. So I'm still deciding between universities and have narrowed it down to Goldsmiths for the MA Cultural Studies course and the MSc Culture and Society course at the LSE. And I cannot decide. :l

Feedback and advice would be a big help at this point! Thanks. :smile:
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Well ... the Goldsmiths programme is a darned site cheaper. That said, both programmes look sound.

The Goldsmiths course looks a bit more theoretical & flexible, with the freedom to pursue your own interests, while the LSE offering seems a bit more concrete, sociological and research-oriented.

I guess it depends where your interests lie. What are your longer-term aims, career goals, and areas of particular interest?
Goldsmiths, University of London
Goldsmiths College, University of London
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Well I just graduated in mass media and felt the need to specialize in something. In the long run, I guess I see myself working in the creative industries, for a magazine or something like that. But I have my options open. Honestly, I like the course at Goldsmiths more because I get to study modules related to art, literature, anthropology etc. which really interest me and which I haven't had the chance to study before. But I'm not sure how stupid it is to turn down the LSE (which, I hear, isn't all it's cracked up to be, but for some reason still has brand value) And I don't have any idea of the value given to Goldsmiths.
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Hmm. Difficult, isn't it? The automatic assumption would be that Goldsmiths was the "heart" decision and LSE was the "head" decision. And, in this situation, I'm very much someone who'd go with the former.

That said, it's probably not just a matter of gut-level preference - Goldsmiths' Cultural Studies department is quite firmly focused on the vocational and practical side of the subject, offering a bunch of modules on the creative and cultural industries. While LSE is pretty strong overall, it's really not clear how well that specific department or programme is viewed.
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Yeah. Exactly.

According to all those rating systems, LSE figures second for sociology (which the MSc Culture and society course comes under). I find myself steering more towards Goldsmiths though. :P

I may also consider doing a PHd later... is Goldsmiths good for research?
Ooh, sorry for the late response as I realise it's of no value, but as someone interested in cultural studies at Goldsmiths - albeit a few yrs down the line - I'd be interested to hear which one you chose?
Hi Rohini,

I'm in a similar situation and would love to know what you decided on and how the experience was for you.
I received offers from Goldsmiths (MA in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship) and Sussex (MA in Media and Gender). I'm leaning towards the program at Goldsmiths as it does sound a lot more interesting. But I've read reviews that Goldsmiths doesn't live up to its rep.

Any feedback on either university would be great.
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im applying to goldsmith through the clearing process for BA in cultural studies. wat are the olevel grade requirements for me to get in ? they are not so good esp maths. is it vital to have maths if ure applying for this particular degree ? and ive 3 B's in Alevels. will it suffice? please reply asap