Okay so I'm posting this on behalf of my boyfriend because he desperately needs help. I will try reduce the story as much as I can.

Whilst in his GCSE's, he fell ill with appendicitus & almost died in his exam. He was hospitalised for months and missed all but 3 of his GCSE's. The school did not help him as to reschedule exams or even give him his predicted grades for him to progress into AS Level.

He wanted to continue with his education having high hopes and joined my 6th form. They gave him no choice about what subjects he could do [like rigorously academic subjects] because he hadn't the GCSE's. So he went ahead doing P.E, Media and IT despite not enjoying the courses and failed. Some may say it was fault but he wasn't motivated to learn and having no faith in him, the teachers didn't respond to his decline.

They kicked him out and told him hes not smart enough[in few words], told him to do an apprenticeship to get to level 3 NVQ and eventually pass on to Uni. This place he is attending is utter CRAP. They told him he can't go on to Level 3 because his fellow classmates are still on Level 1...hes too smart for it. He is working alongside this & gaining some training at an oil company but again that won't get him into Uni.

The question I am posing to ANYBODY that can help him is:
What can he do to get to Uni now? Could anybody recommend an Access course for Media/Business, or share an experience about alternative paths to Uni?

My heart sinks when I talk about Uni with him because I know how hard he's tried to be where I am.

Thank u SOOOOO much for all u who reply, Reps can be given!