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Lack of attention to detail at work and ADHD? watch

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    I started a new job.

    So far, the job has been great, but I seem to have a lack of attention to detail. I also seem to always get something wrong when following instructions (and it's for simple stuff, but sometimes verbal so I might forget). I also find it hard to concentrate and I can fidget a lot (but then I sit at my desk all day so that's going to happen).

    For example, I am given some papers and told to do something. I look at them, implement the work, but there was one note on the back of a piece of paper which I didn't see and thus not implement. I also screw up when given instructions, or do stuff first without authorisation (which is serious). I am also forgetful about work-related stuff (but then some of the stuff I need to remember I don't use everyday). I struggle to listen to instructions, etc.

    Of the below list, I suffer from what is in bold:

    1) Lack of attention to detail; careless mistakes made in work or school
    2) Trouble keeping attention on tasks or recreational activities (I multitask as I get bored very quickly).
    3) Lack of listening when being spoken to directly
    4) Lack of ability seemingly to follow instructions; lack of ability to finish homework, chores or work
    5) Lack of organizational ability
    6) Apparent disdain for activities requiring a lot of mental work
    7) Frequent losing of pencils, school/work supplies etc. (I take a new pen everyday lol.)
    8) Easy distraction
    9) Forgetfulness

    I got the above list from here: http://www.parentalfilter.com/health...rder-adhd.html

    These are all disruptive but I have 5 of those symptoms, not six?

    Is this serious enough to get checked out?

    I wasn't meant to post as anon. How comes this only really effects me now?

    Hi there, If it worries you then there is not harm in getting a professional opinion - even if it is just to put your mind at rest.

    One thing I would say that when you are starting a new job, especially a detailed one, I find it takes time to adapt to the environment and type of work you are doing. One you are in the flow of things, using lots and lots of lists along with Outlook reminders etc.. life does become easier
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