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Emetophobia and Swine flu watch

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    As a Emetophobia sufferer myself im not coping very well right now to be honest now that i know 1 person in my area has got swine flu :-(

    Not the swine flu in general im worried about but mainly the fact that one of the symptoms can be vomiting, just wondering if any other Emetophobia sufferers are having similar problems?

    I don't know if this will help at all, but a lot of people (in my area anyway, the west midlands) have got swine flu and no vomiting/nausea/diarrhea, and a few others nausea but not actually been sick. It was just mentioned because it was a bit different to normal flu I think.

    I'm having a sort of similar problem, I'm not emetophobic but I am a massive hypochondriac lol. Every time someone on the bus sneezes I have a very small freak out :rolleyes:

    I have emetophobia too and i wasn't remotely worried about swine flu until i found out it can cause vomiting...
    BUT it doesn't always. plus if you don't get vomiting from normal flu/cold/illnesses etc. maybe you wouldn't get it from swine flu?
    I dunno, this is me trying to think positively haha

    ahh more emetophobia sufferers! has anyone tried to get help? literally my first year at uni was tainted by the thoughts of someone being sick and now i want to get treated before second year.
    worst case- i was in my room with my boyfriend, drunk flatmate came home and heard him vomiting in the kitchen, i freaked out, felt very sick myself and my lovely boyfriend went and cleared it up. now whenever that flatmate goes out i cannot sleep as i worry about him coming home and being ill
    im not afraid of being sick myself though, would rather that than see someone else.

    my dad was horrifcly ill one day at work and couldnt drive home... asked me to pick him up and i couldnt because i was afraid he would be sick in the car, he drove and risked him life--- this is when i realised i must get help!

    please share symptoms/treatment stories with me!!
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