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Urgh - Family Holidays. watch

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    Yep, that time of the year again. I'm hoping this will be my last one.

    I don't want to sound ungrateful but I find them really hard to endure. Firstly, I'm the eldest (17) and my three younger brothers are so much younger than me. It makes me feel kind of isolated.

    My Mum has frighteningly volatile mood swings - we can't go a whole two weeks without some epic argument or hissy fit. My Dad always pretends to be ill and complains about everything. Staying in a caravan can get very wearing very quickly. Worst of all is having to get up ridiculously early and having no freedom to do what I want.

    I'm planning on just taking loads of books and just ignore everything and everyone as best I can. I know I must sound so ungrateful, I'm sorry. It's just really difficult. I don't complain though, just got to get on with things. I desperately tried to persuade my parents to let me stay at home but they managed to manipulate / guilt-trip me into doing what they want.

    Anybody else sort of relate to this?
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    Anyone at all?

    I'm going to be spending a week in a 2-roomed cottage for a week, sharing a sofa bed with my little sister (who will take up all the space, kick me in her sleep and steal my pillow), walking for almost an entire day to wherever we're going because it's cheaper than finding a carpark closer, the place we're going is a hamlet with no phone signal, surrounded by hills, cows and one pub with a pervy barman. My parents will insist on getting up at the crack of dawn after getting in late and knackered from all the walking and then dither about where to go for an hour or so, argue, shout at me for having the wrong opinion etc etc etc. I love them really, but being crammed together just makes it stressful.

    However, I'm going to spend most of my time there with my dog. So much easier.


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