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    why did the uni scrap being able to choose your hall? - kind of defeats the point of having budget accomodation because those who need it wont be able to get it.

    damn straight.

    I don't know if/when they scrapped being able to choose. They do ask for some information and seem to make an effort in accommodating people appropriately, but I agree it's silly.
    In terms of getting what you want, I think you can still put comments on the accommodation forms, so beyond specifying single/shared, catered/self catered and standard/ensuite, you can usually put a comment like, 'I would really appreciate being in one of the cheaper halls', or 'I would like to be in a traditional hall because... <insert comment re: appreciation of old buildings here>'. You could even say, 'I would love to be in such-and-such a hall because...'. There's no guarantee that this will work, but as with a lot of stuff, it's worth a go. But be nice and grovelling about it

    I suspect that letting people specify particular halls would reflect badly on the university statistically. I say this a lot, but you get a lot of people who get a room in New Hall or DRA and it's far too expensive for them, but there's not enough cheaper accommodation to go round. The university's current student feedback statistics suggestes that ensuite, single rooms with your own TV and double bed are what students prefer, and they're catering for that - but if you give people a poll which asks, 'would you prefer a single room?', 'would you like your own bathroom?', and 'do you like double beds', without any affordability considerations, then of course loads of peoeple will say they prefer those things. As soon as the university lets the real preferences of students become apparent (i.e. with affordability being considered), they will be less justified in the kinds of accommodation they favour building, and then they won't be able to rake money in from it in the summer.

    I should again assert the general point that if you have difficulty with accommodation - for example, you get something you can't ever afford, or you're getting no information about things when everyone around you is getting stuff through - then it's worth phoning the university and communicating with a real, knowledgable person who can take action on any problems. Don't expect people on here to know how to fix it - most of us can't remember when you should get certain information through - and if your accommodation application has gone walkies, then talking about it on here won't improve your situation. A lot of the application process does take a lot of time and patience, but if something has gone awry, then you need to take proper action on it

    I put down I'd like to be in Albany and that seemed to work. Only getting the minimum maintenance loan and no grants so it's pretty lucky it did work too.
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