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Any tips on getting a job/making money this summer? watch

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    I'm a graduate (english literature), and I'm looking for a job (unfortunately bar work is out of the question).

    I've got experience as a freelance journalist and in magazine production (albeit overseas).

    I also speak fluent French.

    I've applied for sooooo many jobs (atleast 38 to date), and for some reason, nothing seems to be working.

    I've even been to recruitment agencies and they basically pay me lipservice.
    I need some advice about where to look for work/what type of work I'm eligible for.

    I really need to make some money before my post grad course starts in september otherwise I'll really have to struggle to support myself, cos my parents are unable to support me financially.

    Even if I want a loan, it's likely I'll need a six month work contract (part time is fine too) before they consider me for a loan.

    I'd like to know what other students are doing this summer, or if anyone ca recommend something to me.

    Thanks :p:

    You had a look at any Call Centres?

    Myself and friends have worked in a few during summer etc, the one I've been at pays £8.50 an hour! Very laid back easy stuff too, no outbound sales calls or any of that.

    Around here its usually the agencies that recruit for them so give them a try.

    Long shot I know, but where abouts in the country are you?

    The place I'm at is doing a short term campaign for Euro Tunnel and are looking for people who speak english / french, ideal!

    Sorry if I'm just repeating things you already know but this is what i'd suggest.

    Have you had any interviews?
    If not it's definately worth looking at your cv. You have a lot to offer employers so you need to make sure this is getting across. There are lots of books out there to help you make a killer cv, make sure you taylor it to each specific job to best sell yourself. It's time consuming and dis-heartening when you still don't hear anything back but it's worth putting in the effort to increase your chances.

    If you are getting interviews but no joy then read up on body language techniques to make sure you come across well.

    And without wanting to mention the whole "credit crunch" thing it is especially hard this year to get a job.

    Everyone on here seems to have had bad experiences with temp agencies, but i've signed up with two who have been fantastic. So maybe sign up with more and different agencies?

    Also think outside the box a little, i've worked as a night cleaner, and night jobs are generally better paid. Service stations need night people and places like TNT and other distribution companies need people to data input in the evening. (which is what i'm doing currently)

    I've also set up my own mini amazon business and am making a small but helpful amount of money doing that so that's another possibility.

    I have rambled but hope any of that helps!

    have you thought about going to france and applying for a job there where your language skills will be good help, like a hotel or something? that would pay an ok wage and you can do a few seasons or something
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    Thanks guys, that was really helpful
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