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    It depends how much you want the job really OP.

    Personally I would leave after that half an hour and be looking for another job. (Maybe unrealistic at the moment but there are jobs out there) It's hard to be the only one leaving and the rest of the staff will probably stare daggers into your back but how much of a mug do you want to be? If the company can afford to pay you for 12 hours, they can afford to pay you for 12 and a half. A Job is a job not a voluntary position.

    If you want the job as a step on a career ladder then it may be worth not saying anything but if it's only a job then you owe no loyalty to the company and shouldn't be working for free.

    (Original post by Teao the Cat)
    Can't leave after the half hour... I'd lose my job for that! There are plenty of others willing to take it.
    I didn't mean just leave without telling anyone, talk to your manager and tell them that there's too much work to do for just half an hour. Then say that either you would like to be able to leave after the half hour or be paid to stay later.

    What are the hours in your contract? If you are contracted to stay until 8:30, you can leave then, you are only required to do what is in your contract. I don't think they can fire you for not doing something which isn't even in your contract.
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