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Foot fetish watch


    Yep, I do. I've had it for a good few years now since my teenage years. Seeing a pair of sexily shaped feet encased in silky nylons in public gives me a boner everytime, lol. I do still wonder though whether I actually have a foot fetish, a nylon fetish, or a combination of both....

    I guess the 'grossiest' thing I would ever do is sniff (never done this personally but I dunno why I find it arousing), but I would NEVER lick, suck or kiss feet, especially ones with crusty toes and everything. That's like so yucky! Which reminds me, I would also find giving a lady oral sex quite repulsive too with all her fishy juices spewing out, although I guess if it was like really clean and smelt aromous, then maybe...

    So as you can see, I'm quite picky even with something such as a foot fetish lol.

    I think it all started when I saw this one film with a couple at a restaurant, she slipped off a shoe and rubbed her foot on the guy's crotch.

    very nice. I'm just totally "....meh" when it comes to feet, in fact it triggers no response, not even my brain thinking about if their feet or not, just a void of thought.

    no no no no no

    feet are for one thing - walking.

    they are not for licking kissing sucking or any other kind of ing on them

    Biggest turn off ever.

    A male friend once asked me if he could 'hold my feet'...the panic set in and I had ushered him out of my apartment within 5 seconds.

    I really don't understand foot fetishes

    Ok, I have foot fetish so I'll try to explain - for the rest of you who can't get their heads around it - how feet can be seen as sexy.

    1) You need to be really, REALLY into girls, to the point where everything about them turns you on. For example, I find girls' sweat in general very arousing, whether it's on their backs, bottoms, tummys, and of course feet. I enjoy licking it, it feels like I'm getting more intimate with a part of the girl that most other men would ignore. Granted, the sweat isn't strictly a part of girls, but it comes out of them. Anyway I suppose there's no real logic to it, it's an irrational thing. But then isn't it illogical to find boobs or bums attractive? The triggers of arousal change from culture to culture, they are not hard-wired into the brain, they come from images and ideas that we pick up from our environment as we grow up;

    2) You need to have very low self-esteem. I have always had a pretty low opinion of myself and I suspect this has led me to seek self-humiliation by worshipping the part of the female body that is considered the "lowest" in every sense. There's a real stigma attached to feet because of the way they look, plus the fact that even the prettiest girl can have very sweaty of very smelly feet.
    In the mind of a foot fetishist there is the (often unconscious) belief that he is only worthy of the most repulsive, least appreciated part of a woman.

    3) You need to have what is known as an "addictive personality": the tendency to seek out a particular thrill over and over, trying to push it that bit further every time. This is true about any type of fetish. You know what you are doing is kinky and that gives you a thrill: next time you want a bigger thrill, so your fetishist behaviour degenerates.
    When I first started acting upon my fetish, it was a simple "look at her feet, I don't know why but they turn me on". Then it became "I want to touch them". When that wasn't enough anymore, it progressed into licking feet, just as long as they were clean. Every time, the thrill got more intense, but just like drugs, it wears off and you need more. So I developed a desire for feet that were a bit moist, but not necessarily smelly. Eventually it got to the point where the stinkier the feet were, the more I got turned on.
    Despite my pathologically low self-esteem, I'm actually a fairly attractive guy so I've never been without a girlfriend for very long, but my foot obsession has led me to dump quite a few of them in search of the ones that would play along with my fetish games.
    Most girls tolerate them if they like you enough as a person, but not many actually encourage them - understandably I guess.
    I am lucky enough to have had a couple of girlfriends who ticked all the boxes: their feet looked gorgeous and they tended to sweat profusely. One of them unfortunately had almost odourless sweat, but I still got a lot of pleasure from her very wet feet. The other one was actually know in my workplace for having a real problem with foot odour, which was the reason I went after her, though I only confessed this after we got together.
    She was a very shy girl and clearly embarrassed about her foot problem, but somehow having her feet worshipped made her feel empowered so she went all out with it.
    We went on holiday to the south of France one year and we decided she would not wash her feet for the duration of the trip. Now, for those of you who are a bit squeamish when it comes to feet, I suggest you skip the rest of this post. Anyhow, we did a lot of walking around in the heat for just over a week, and the whole time she kept her oldest (and smelliest) trainers on, no socks. She took baths at night with her feet out of the bathtub and even kept them on in bed.
    When we got back home I finally got to take her shoes off and I can honestly say it was a night I will never forget. I think it was probably the strongest smell I have ever come across: within seconds the whole flat was filled with it and it actually took me a while to get close to them because it was physically making me cough. It was probably the only time that I actually doubted my fetish, but I sort of pushed myself to the "next level", and once I was there, it was pure heaven. I climaxed once just through sniffing, and again later when I was cleaning between her toes with my tongue. I have never experienced pleasure like it before or since. Unfortunately that girl and I split up later on (for reasons completely unrelated to my foot fetish, which she actually enjoyed).
    I have had other girls since but that particular experience was never replicated with the same degree of success, mainly because most girls seem to be able to sweat in their shoes for hours and even days without producing much odour at all.
    I can still enjoy normal sex and not all my sexual encounters are centered around feet, however I know for certain that I can never achieve total fulfillment unless very sweaty and very smelly feet are involved.
    Make of this what you will, I'm sure 99% of you will find this whole post completely and utterly disgusting. But I thought this thread might benefit from my particular perspective, whether or not it proves unpopular.
    I don't really care anyway, nothing in the world could stop me enjoying women's feet...
    Smell you later,

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