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Abused for an accent which isn't characteristic of your race? watch


    True, it is pretty pathetic, and I've always found it so petty. I've also heard the 'coconut' jibe thrown about before, which I think is utter rubbish, and I found it quite ironic that whoever posted that put themselves as anonymous..
    But yes, I've experienced similar situations, not all of which I'll go into..

    My parents are both Nigerian, and speak with the accent as they were both raised there. I was born and raised in London, but have been told that I speak quite 'well spoken'.

    When I moved to uni in Hampshire, I got a few comments that I didn't speak in the "usual way" they assumed someone from African descent, who lives in London would speak.
    But at the end of the day, everyone speaks differently, what should it matter?! :confused:
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    (Original post by Redemption)
    I've been the target of abuse for most of my life because I live in wales, was born in wales, but don't speak with a welsh accent.

    Then again, wales for the most part is one of the most openly racist nations in the world.

    And somehow people think it's okay to elect nationalist parties when they only represent the "minority". Where were the BNP haters when Plaid Cymru got in?
    I never heard of Wales having a reputation of being openly racist. Are you talking about Cardiff, or in the more rural parts of Wales?

    (Original post by dfjr)
    I never heard of Wales having a reputation of being openly racist. Are you talking about Cardiff, or in the more rural parts of Wales?
    Not in a Black/white sense, although actually I've met a lot of anti-semites, and anti-muslims in wales, I was more referring to anti-british sentiments.

    Born in wales, can speak welsh, support welsh teams, and because I happen to speak in a more english accent I've been the target of abuse, racism and violence.

    Whilst that's a very personal account - I can speak for countless examples of the above, and more - anti asian racism, violence, anti-european.

    I live in Aberystwyth, but I refer to a cross section of wales.
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