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    Just wondering, from personal experience - how have people found these 3 degrees?

    I'm currently holding a place to study Physics at cardiff, but i'm considering a switch to either Mechanical or Electrical engineering.. and wanted to get a feel for how other people have found these courses.

    I'm imagining physics would probably be the hardest? And also, likely to be the one with the most time actually spent in Uni?

    Any comments greatly appreciated

    1) They all have a lot of contact hours, so regardless of the course you'd be in uni quite often

    2) Engineering, whilst having similar first/second year content to physics, is quite distinct in that it places a big emphasis on design and management. Added to this, most of the science you learn is applied; so whilst you understand some of the foundations of physics, you're learning stuff that's important to you. Engineers do more project work which tends to have a bigger weighting on your overall degree grade, too. Speaking to students at different universities, engineers are notorious for being worked quite hard (compared to physicists)

    which leads me to 3) difficulty will depend. For example, engineers tend to have more accelerated maths courses to get everything covered as soon as possible, but the maths can also be quite different from a physicist's; so its hard to compare difficulties there. Or, for example, an engineers Electromagnetism course might be easier/more difficult than a physicist's. It also depends on how proficient you are at practical science; obviously, if you're quite good at it, you may find engineering comparatively easier in the later years.

    Good luck with your choice

    At my uni engineers seem to have more time in uni than physicists. I'm not sure about the difficulty of the work, but physicists have to do lab work and as has been said engineers have projects.

    I am studying engineering at the moment, mechanical to be more specific.

    You have to be dedicated to it because generally you will have a 20-25 hour week including everything plus further study for homeworks etc. There are some projects to do although that mainly is in the 3rd year or fourth year if doing an MEng.
    In my 2nd year we had an industrial based project which was invovled working with a company for 3/4 of a uni year writing an interim project and a final project and presentation. Also had another group project to do over the year but that was more about design and modelling. The rest of the work is courseworks to be honest rather than projects.

    You will study a range of modules such as:

    1st year

    engineering insight
    maths 1
    electrical 1
    design and manufacture
    engineering mechanics

    year 2

    * Application of Engineering Design
    * (including Industry based design project)
    * Control Engineering
    * Electrical Power & Machines
    * Engineering Computation
    * Engineering Dynamics
    * Engineering Management
    * Heat Transfer & Fluid Flow
    * Mathematics
    * Mechanics of Materials
    * Thermodynamics

    If you are doing an MEng you will do some management but it's only one module but if you are doin a BEng then you will do less because with the MEng it is preparing you to take leadership roles but BEng require futher study.

    Hope that helps
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