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Maksim Mrvica watch


    (Original post by Mayze59)
    You sound like one of those really stuck up posh kids, who'd I'd probably enjoy raping one of these days.

    Take care broseph, I hope you drown in a pool of your own vomit. :yep:
    Wow... Pretty much everything you've described me as so far in this thread has been nowhere near the mark. (Stuck up and posh... hahahaha! :woo: )

    Didn't you say I was gay? Now you tell me you'd enjoy raping me...?

    I'll pass the message onto this "broseph" character, should I see him.

    pianist sounds like penis

    I'm sure he's incredibly musically talented- it's a shame some of you don't see that because you think he's just been forced to practice flight of the bumblebee over and over until he gets it spot on. Does this make him 'untalented' or not 'musically gifted'?

    When you think about it, aren't all musicians like this? Nobody starts great; they have to work hard for it. Very hard. And he's obviously worked incredibly hard. So, why is he any less of a musician than someone else?

    What do you classify as a 'musician'? Someone who can improvise? I can do that on piano, and I'm not even a pianist. All it takes is basic knowledge of music theory. Someone who can compose? Well, aren't some of his songs original compositions? Someone with unique or innovative musical ideas? Hasn't he tried something new and unique?

    I fail to see how he is not a good musician.

    Some people don't know talent when they see it, it's really sad.


    (Original post by Mayze59)
    Did I hit a soft spot? I think I must've, please enlighten me, Nex Angelus the great and mighty musician that you are, where exactly the song got even remotely close to being interesting. Where? A monkey could do exactly the same thing, you retard. Likewise have fun "listening" to music, you idiotic prick.

    P.S Like the idiot above, I just viewed your profile, and yet again, please do NOT take this message to heart, you'd end up repeatedly hitting yourself with that tennis racket.

    I feel quite bad for Maksim Mrvica, he's not a very good pianist and his fans look like kids out a high school musical film.
    Congrads, you just proved to everyone on here your a complete retard.

    If a monkey could play it then i challenge you to play that piece anywhere near the way he does if you say it's so easy.

    re-read what i said, not once did i say it was interesting, it's far from it. the reason i linked you to it was a quick example of his skill. I'm grade 7-8 on piano and have been playing for a very long time and to be able to play that like he does, i can tell you it is not easy.

    i'm not going to argue any further, next time try and argue when you know the slighest bit about the topic you arrogant ****.
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