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I know it's normal for people my age to go to bed late, almost everyone I know does. Thing is, I took it too far and it messed up my sleeping pattern.

Before, I'd stay up until about 2am most nights (even before school when I'm meant to be up at 7) but now, it's more like 6am - even on school days!

I've tried to correct my body clock by not sleeping at all one day and it didn't work - I fell asleep at 5pm and woke up at 11, which kept making it worse.

I was in school and at lunchtime, I was sitting in the common room relaxing and I tried taking a nap - then two of my friends started playing table tennis on the tables and I started dozing off, but then I jumped up and my eyes felt like they popped - it's been like that for too long. Now, even when I've had an eight hour sleep, I still feel very tired!

People are calling me lazy and stuff and I think they're right. I hardly have the energy to do anything these days!

How can I put this right again before it gets any worse? Thanks if you can find the time to help!
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Make yourself go to bed at a reasonable hour - it sounds silly but if you get yourself tucked up for 11-12ish, and if you're not tired then just read a book, your body will eventually begin to associate that time with rest and relaxation. If you try to keep yourself awake for hours and hours throughout the night you're bound to falll asleep in the middle of the day - its all about easing yourself back into it do try to keep yourself awake during the day though - no napping in the common room!! often when you sleep in the daytime it makes you feel even more lethargic.
So basically, starting tomorrow, make sure you're in bed by 11pm, if you're not tired then read a book, or do something equally relaxing. don't put the tv on or anything!! you need your bed to be assciated with quiet time then get up in the morning for school, do your stuff, keep yourself AWAKE till 11 again!! hopefully by then you should be tired (especially if you didnt get to sleep the night before). then sweet dreams you may need to repeat this a few times.
this probably isnt as succinct as i could have made it, i am quite drunk

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