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    A reason for moving there ? persecution of some sort on earth? the discovery of a new material there that it's highly profitable for people to export? a simple desire to make a better life for oneselves? I know I keep saying this but you only need to look at the historical immigrations to the Americas and Australia/New Zealand to find the reasons why people emmigrate to far flung poorly developed colonies. In places such as China (using a modern day analogy) I could easily see them forcibly moving Uighurs and Tibetans there and making them work it.

    And theres more than enough water on Mars to terraform it, if you melted all the water in the north and south poles on Mars you'd be able to cover the whole planet in 11 metres worth of water. The hardest part would be thickening the atmosphere which would require constant burning of various fuels and production of co2 and CFC's to create a supercharged version of the greenhouse effect we are started to feel on Earth.

    Terraforming Mars would be a bloody hard thing to do, but it's not impossible, scientifically it's possible.
    You're missing a trick here, I feel. In order to persuade people to emigrate to Mars en mass, there has to be an incentive, whether it be Economic (such as the incentive that drove the mass emigrations from the Old World to the New World), Social (such as the incentives that drive people to flee warzones, restrictive regimes or from one ghetto to another) or whatever has the largest weighting on their quality of life.

    Now, let's take the example of Economic incentives. The theory is that (in simple terms), because wages for a certain job are higher in one location than another, people will move to the place with higher wages. However, the differential to move to another planet (with the attached social implication) would have to be MASSIVE. There would also have to be plenty of these jobs to satisfy the increased supply, all paying the same wage. I feel that this just isn't going to be likely - especially not in the numbers that you are suggesting.

    Socially, I can't say I see people who are fleeing oppressive regimes, or an imminent conflict, to be in a position where they can organise an emigration to Mars. The paperwork is likely to be hefty, the financial cost is likely to be even greater - the barriers to emigration will be astounding, put simply. Most likely, they shall go someplace on Earth, which is a more viable prospect. Besides, Mars will be controlled by people on Earth, so persecutions/conflicts on Earth are likely to spill over onto Mars - or Mars will have it's own persecutions/conflicts.

    As to the extrapolation you keep trying to make based on historical precedents, I can't say I agree. Yes, mass emigrations have happened in history, but the context is COMPLETELY different. If we're talking voluntary migration, then simply look no further than Europe. Wage differentials are fairly large within Europe, but labour flows (which, thanks to the EU, are not impeded) do not reflect this. If labour is so geographically immobile on Earth, then how is that going to change due to jobs now being on Mars instead of two countries along?

    As to terraforming, I'm not going to say anything. It feels like it's pie in the sky, and I honestly can't see it happening in my life time. It's possible, but it's simply not plausible - for a starter, it'd be incredibly unpopular from a political perspective.


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