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    Could someone tell me, just to clear up, how to proceed on reverse left or whatever, when someone comes up behind you.
    On one website, it said that when in the new road, waiting for the examiner to tell you that you've reversed far enough and a car comes up behind you yet the examiner says nothing, you've to whack it into first and go round the corner and start again.

    This didn;t make sense to me, as surely by setting off again, you'd be inconveniencing the other driver?
    That's a little off the point though, as my question is, everytime a car approaches or something, do you start again, or do you stop, redo your observations and carry on.

    Thank you

    You should bring the car back round the corner from where you started and this should be done before the approaching car gets too close so that you are not causing it to change its actions in any way.

    If there isn't room in front of you for the car to safely pull around you (which presumably there isn't if you haven't finished the manoeuvre yet), then your only real option is to go back around the corner and pull up again. Otherwise they would have to be positioned on the wrong side of the road at the junction, which would obviously be dangerous.

    Edit: The above poster is a bit misleading; obviously if the car behind you is turning left, it will still have to pull around you once it has done so and you are pulled over before starting your second attempt; the difference is that there isn't a junction to confuse things at that point - the driver can safely pull around you and continue on its way without having to stop on the wrong side of the road.
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