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Is it ok that this has made me quite annoyed? watch

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    I don't know if I am over-reacting or not, as I've never been in this situation before!

    Basically, me and my friends planned a night out on saturday, like a last hurrah before we all go on holiday and to uni and whatnot. We've had it planned for about a month, and I got myself crazy excited about going. We had planned to all go to one of our houses before hand to get a takeaway and have a few drinks, then to get the taxi to take us into town.

    Friday night, I got a text from the persons house we were all going to, saying "I heard your brother has swine flu, do you think you have it? Symptoms take a few days to show, and a lot of us are worried, so I think its best you dont come tonight."

    My brother does have swine flu, well he's just getting over it now, and he had had it for a week at this point. I've spent time with him everyday and not had it at all, so I think I'm in the clear.

    Also, as my parents had to go to work, we made sure it was ok for us to leave the house, and the medical advice we were given was that if we didnt have symptoms, we were fine, and not a risk to anyone else.

    Since receiving the text, she phoned and phoned and phoned and said then that I wad "allowed" to go. But I didn't want to anymore, it didn't feel right. Also, if any of them DID get swine flu, they would automatically blame me!

    Since then, I've had a few texts from people saying its gotten blown out of proportion and I should just leave it.

    The thing is, I know that they didnt say I couldnt go to be malicious, and I know they panicked, the thing thats annoyed me is that they decided I couldnt go without even discussing it with me. And now they act as if it's not anything to get bothered about, and I'm being unreasonable!

    I know this is really long, and if you read it, good for you! I've never fallen out with these people before, I love them dearly, but is it ok for me to annoyed right now, and to not want to talk for a few days?

    let me know?

    Hmm, That was quite rude the way they approached it but I guess it seems to be passing over so maybe just forget about it, especially if these are the last few weeks you are spending with them.
    You can just let it pass knowing though that they were in the wrong!

    It's the last time you're gonna be together mate.

    I'd let it go. End on a high

    well after all the media "weaza all a gonna die" attitude with swine flu, you cant blame them for being a bit worried.

    I think that you should talk to them and see how it goes from there

    At least they were honest with you about being worried rather than making up an excuse and pretending the night was cancelled or something like that. I can understand why they'd be worried and it seems as though they feel bad for upsetting you. If I were you I'd just let it go, no point dwelling on it.
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