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For those in long term relationships (or married?) watch

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    Does your attraction to your partner age over time?

    Say you're both 25 and have been together for 5 years. Are you likely to look at your partner and think "I wish you looked like you did when you were 20", or are you perfectly happy with their 25-year-old look because your taste has also matured?

    It's a strange question, I know.

    I have been with my husband for eight years. We have both changed physically. I love him for him. he has gained some weight and is balding. We have grown closer, so the looks thing really doesnt matter. As long as he looks after what he has and keeps clean, I continue to enjoy his personality.

    relationships also go through rocky periods.(We had a six month period with no sex) But if you stick with the rough the smooth is even better.

    Your priorities will change, when you discover the peron you love, is there when youre in hospital, or holds your hand when your boss is mean to you. When you come home to a cheerful smile and a hug, then how the person looks after several years becomes less important.

    Yes, i def think your attraction ages with your partner. dont forget, that YOU age too, and your 'taste' differs.

    My husband now has a beard, and different hair style, and his face has changed.... hes def not the 23 year old i fell in love with 10 years ago. But then im now 29, and certainly nothing like the 19 year HE fell in love with!

    Not sure at 19 I would have fancied a guy with a beard... but now i do!

    Not only that, but we know almost all there is to know about each other, we know what makes us tick, when to avoid each other ( ) and we are comfortable with each other.

    Its funny, because my taste in celebs has also changed. When I was a teen, i fancied clean cut, indie lads like Damon Albarn, and Nicky Wire (who have both matured very well!) but now Id rather go for 'the older man', people who are more intelligent, mature, bearded (have a thing for them now!) and generally less 'teeny'.

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