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    Hm.. interesting!!

    @GodspeedGehenna: Why do you hate it so much? What made you choose it in the first place?

    hehe, in contrast:

    @Sakura-Chan: Why did you love Psychology? What made it so good?

    I'm really sorry with all the questions..I'd just like to find out more about this subject =D

    Thank you!!
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    (Original post by GodspeedGehenna)
    Come back when you've sat AQA A PYA4 please.
    ill come and go as i feel fit, but tar anyway =]

    Really?? Most people that took Psychology AQA in my sixth form (not sure if its A or B) failed. I think the highest grade was a C and only 3 people managed to get a C..

    Anyhow, thank you for all the replies.. it has made me realised that this is going to be quite a challenge trying to get through AS & A2 in one year..considering how much you have to take in & the workload!

    How does everyone find Psychology?
    only one person I know that took it didnt get an A, 3 of them got full marks. Essentially it depends on your memory...its not a difficult subject at all but you do need to retain large amounts of information. If you can do that then you will get an A !!easily!! ... I learnt the AS in 2 days before the exams so there we go. good luck anyway.

    people on here need to chill out lol. Its harldy an insult to find something hard that someone ele finds easy. loool make me laugh.


    (Original post by jabed786)
    well couldnt she (or even me since im considering self studying alevel psychology in one year) just do the AS modules in January and study A2 modules in June?
    I guess so but like a lot of people have said there is a lot of info to learn that you need to learn. The problem is you have to learn it all cos you dont know what will come up, you cant cut corners..
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Updated: July 24, 2009


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