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    please keep anon or delete, cause as the title says, the whole tihng is a bit pathetic and whiny and also friends of mine are using this ...

    sooo, there is this guy i really like since almost 2 years now. we are really good friends and close, but i was always into him.
    yet, he is together with a really good friend of me, for 1 and a half years now.
    the relationship kinda sucks though, as he really loves her but she is just treating him like crap (e.g. when she is on vacation and he really misses her and tellls her, she doesnt say she misses him but talks about the great time she has, she is mad at him for ridiculous stuff all the time)
    shes really nice as a friend, but as a gf ...

    anyway,shes american so now shes in the states while he is finland and they'll go off to different universities (and he said he'd visit er during the summer bt it seems he has changed his mind about that (see later).

    so, i had a home party friday night and i got really drunk to a point where i dont remember anything. yet, apparently he called me that day and i confessed my feelings for him. my friends havent heard though what i really siad on the phone, but i just said later when i came back in the room what i did and that "he was really cute about it though"

    sooo, day after in the mornin we talk for a real long time on msn, much randomn stuff. my friends weren't up then so i didnt know anything.
    he was also telling me that thinks with his gf are over now pretty soon and that he'll call her to break up "until she gives him a very good reason not to" ... we also talked about actually hooking up, in a semi serious way, but well, its hard to tell over msn ... ^^
    then he had to go to the airport to fly to italy but he called and we talked. he then asked me "when did i actually call you yesterday" and i was like "what, you called?" and i told him i really couldnt remember anything ...
    sooo he asked me if i wanna know what i said, and i say obviously yes (cause i had a feeling i might have told him how much i like him) and he then asks "really?" and we go on for a bit, but then when he would actually come to the point where he'd tell me, we didnt have connection anymore (i wanted to slap the phone, seriously)
    sooo later he calls me again, on the airport, but hes like "noo, i wont say it now on the airport cause too many people blabla"

    and yeah, i havent heard anything since then from him.

    and im really confused. i always tried not to be into him, cause he's my friends bf and it just sucks that he's the one i really like, but feelings just came up everytime we would hang out or talk more together without his gf ... and now im just frustrated cause i dontknow what i said, and how he reacted. also, why would he talk about hooking up with me after i told him if he clearly wouldnt be interested. yet, i also know it would just be as a rebound and i wont see him for a while anyway but still ...

    i just dont know what i should do. if i should talk to him now and just try to go for it, which is a total ***** move towards my friend too, and i might just end up hurt and used, or should i just not talk to him and try to move on (which would be a really hard thing to do ...)

    sorry for this long post, but i would REALLY appreciate advice

    1) Friends don't steal each other's partners.
    2) Wait for him to call you and tell you what you said.
    3) If he does leave his current gf, for God's sake have a grace period before you two shack up.

    (Original post by mikeyd85)
    1) Friends don't steal each other's partners.
    2) Wait for him to call you and tell you what you said.
    3) If he does leave his current gf, for God's sake have a grace period before you two shack up.


    I'd also add that maybe, when he does tell you what you said, you have a discussion with your friend as well as with him.
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