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    Keep anon please or delete.
    Sorry about the length of this..

    Okay so basically my family life is a bit bad at the moment. My dad moved out and we are still uncertain as to whether or not they are divorcing (it was originally to see if they got on better but- although they talk civilly- it doesn't seem as if they've fallen hopelessly back in love put it that way).
    Its hard- I hope I dont sound pathetic but we just went out first ever holiday without him and I was majorly upset the night before we went.
    Now, here is the issue.
    My boyfriend's family are perfect. They're like out of a TV advert. They do everything together, go long walks together, go outings ALL The time, etc etc. And I just..get mad
    I guess it gets to me a bit. I mean, I used to really like them... now basically they can't do anything without me being annoyed at them. His mum can be a bit scarily strict(NO YOU WILL NOT STAY IN ON YOUR COMPUTER YOU WILL COME OUT WITH US, being an example) which puts me off her a tiny bit, but there is no way I would dislike them all for this.
    I know I'm probably deep down jealous and a *****, and I don't WANT to be.. I just don't know what to do about it.
    I'm scared to talk to my boyfriend about it- anytime I've tried he just says I need counselling.
    Advice? Anyone? (Preferably no mean comments- I know I'm bad myself) I could end up splitting up with him over this..

    As your own family life is difficult you may just be more affected by things that happen in your boyfriends family. Is there anyone you can talk to, even if it's just to vent your feelings about your family?

    Man up!

    Dont be angry with them, make an effort to become part of it? Integrate yourself?

    It's perfectly normal to be a little bit jealous.
    I'd suggest maybe talking to your boyfriend about it - if he isn't an *******, he'll understand 100%
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    Yeah, my boyfriend's family is like that too but you know? I like it. It's a change. It's nice to get away from a hectic family life. I'd say forget about it- you're not with your boyfriend for his family! :tongue:

    I know what you mean. It does induce jealousy, I'm in the same situation.
    I always think there must be cracks in it though. I do spot a few sometimes.
    Also, you'll probably find that you appreciate things more than your boyfriend because you've had to go through more to get them, if that makes sense. Obviously it doesn't apply to every situation but with things relating to family, you'll have more experience which will prepare you for the future.
    Perfection isn't always everything.
    But yeah I do know how you feel - I think my boyfriend's family being so perfect means he doesn't understand what it's like to have a crappy time at home and therefore he doesn't understand a lot of the things I've been/ go through and why I feel the way I do about a lot of things. Meh... there's nothing you can really do apart from appreciate your boyfriend for who he is and focus on what you love about him.
    Feel free to PM me if you'd like a chat or anything. x
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