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    (Original post by necessarily benevolent)
    Erm, yes, various figures project indigenous Britons to become a minority in their own country within the next 50-100 years by current trends. Britain's 91% white in accordance to the 2001 census and, usually inaccurate, guesses. It's not necessarily a case of the overall population either, as much as the distribution. The Mail believes 12 cities will see indigenous Britons as a minority within the next 30 years. Many London boroughs in 2001 saw ethnic minorities being a majority. It's okay to point to old farmer Giles in his combine harvester on the fields of East Anglia, and old toffy merchant banker in his luxury Hampstead apartment, but this is selective evidence and nothing else.
    With most of the cites besides Lodon being 90% white I still can't see your problem. That whole indigenous Britons to become a minority, seems like random speculation. The sort of propaganda that make whit eBitons think 1 out of 3 Britions are white.

    (Original post by necessarily benevolent)
    The fact that there are six ethnic minorities in the House of Commons doesn't come down to any form of demographic representation. We all know that the heavy majority of MPs are a ruling class with privileged backgrounds. The fact that these aren't representative of demographic proportions only shows how ethnic minorities don't usually hit such high office because of their general background. I don't really see what this has to do with the BNP admissions policy, however. These politicians are out-of-touch, and don't give a **** about white Britons because they're too busy perfecting their unachievable multiculti "utopia". I already gave the justification of anti-white racist attacks which are never addressed and a non-existance of white interest groups (it's even illegal to register an English charity).
    Whos fault is that? There has always been a class system. The ruling class are the ones looking at the bigger picture. The BNP are going against Britains economic interest. I recall the BNP saying a few years back they would pay for a mass exodus of ALL ethnic minorities. How in the hell do they expect to do business with other countires, when their inhabitants aren't aloud within British isles? All the BNP hope to achive is a British version of a South African apartheid.

    Not every one can be rich nor everyone can be poor. If indigenous Britons feel this way, why don't they take a more respectful approach to education and maybe they would more of an influence. Asians and African students are out preforming their white counterparts. Then on the reverse, Easten Europeans and other immigrants are doing the jobs the "indigenous Britons" look down upon and refuse to do. It's a lose-lose situation.

    (Original post by necessarily benevolent)
    Don't give me that nonsense, please. First of all, I said that I doubt the BNP would come to power in spite of a general move in Europe towards nationalism anyway (thus making the EU point redundant), and, regardless, it is an absolute myth that we gain anything from the EU.
    Yes, but I'm saying IF the BNP got into power, they would do more damage then good.

    (Original post by necessarily benevolent)
    The EU does essentially nothing for us. It takes our money with a feeble return, pumps it into Eastern Europe, restricts our sovereignty and threatens to establish a USE (all under the scam that we were being introduced to nothing more than a Common Market).
    That because Eastern Europe is like a white 3rd world. The poorer countires gets more money in order to bring them up to a near enough standings with fellow European countries.

    (Original post by necessarily benevolent)
    When these "trade dealings" you refer to include paying over £40 million a day and getting probably getting less than £5 million of that back we're hardly going to suffer from a withdrawal. :rolleyes:
    The dealins help with trade in India, Africa, China and the USA. You can't get something for nothing.
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