so now im really confused ! help!!! Watch

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This guy had always liked me since we were like 14years old but at that time i was sincerely not ready at all.

he acts abit awkward around me, tries to be a close friend and nice around me but at time i didnt really know him well tbh. its been like almost a year now im kinda know him now and for that im was startin to like him abit.

i still know he likes me but i never actually show mine. so have added him on facebook and yesterday i decided to take a chance of talking to him online but then when i said "hi" with no reply , he went offline within 2minutes. i just dont get this tbh honest i swr he was chattin with ppl when i went offline , so yh im really confused is like he act all nice around me and tries to talk to me then is he kind off ignoring me , i dont get it

i will appreciate any replies on why he could actually do this , thx
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pls i need repliess
Paul PTS
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1.He may be angry.Maybe he has girlfriend already and you didn't know that.So she suddenly recognized about your attention/interest to him and made scandal.So now he doesn't want to talk because he thinks that was your fault.
2.Another way.He found new one girl he is interested with.So now he closed your connections.
3.You said something wrong to him.For example sometimes I always stop talking to girls.For example one always told me about her great number of former boyfriends and so on.
4.Somebody third who knows you both started intrigue against you.
5.He was your friend,he might like you but not love.So now when he understood your feelings he stopped discussion.

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