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    Hi folks....

    Looking for some advice and this seems the right place.

    Basically I am 25 and looking for a new direction in life. The RAF is something which has always interested me but have never took the final step in making an application. However right now I feel the time is right to do so. The website seems to suggest that doing the whole cadets and youth groups was advantageous but I was never seriously interested at that point in my life so never did so.

    I got 2 A Levels at D grade due to being a stubborn youth with little commitment. I have recognised in the last couple of years that I let myself down here and should have gone to Uni and am doing an Open Uni degree course right now to rectify this. I have always been relatively fit, played rugby and football throughout my youth but moved to Scotland 3 years ago and have since not played. I do go running 2/3 times a week however.

    My fiance is pregnant with my first baby and due to drop very shortly also. I don't see this as too much of a problem as the recruitment process can take a while.

    Air Traffic Control Officer is the most attractive role on the site for me I believe. Its just sounds phenomenal and a really rewarding career, which is exactly what I am looking for. Long term commitment and improvement.

    I am just curious as to the real challenges that will be faced in the military, some personal experience of the recruitment process and any advice regarding the RAF/Air Traffic Control. All help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    Firstly, I'd suggest gathering as much info as possible about the role. Split it into sections so you can remember it all. Same with all aircraft, bases, current operations etc. This will prepare you for what's going to be coming up with regard to filter interview etc.

    Also, have you any interest in any of the other roles? Just incase you didn't make it as ATC - is the RAF the place you want to be as a whole or is ATC the only thing you're interested in?

    If you run 2/3 times a wek then that's good - just need to work on the sit-ups and press-ups now!

    If you don't try then you will never know. You have nothing to lose. Like above poster says, gather as much intelligence about your proposed career, so when it comes to interview stages you seem really informed about your decision, and why you wan't to work with the RAF.

    Good luck man.
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    There are dozens of personal experiences on this site alone - the search facility will be your friend. Your other half has to buy into this lifestyle as much as you, as you'll be looking at something that is far more than just a job. Have a good read and ask original and useful questions!

    The RAF accepts that not everyone knows they want to join up straight away. You have the minimum standards of education required so no worries there. Just think about what you've done since you left school, how that has developed you as a person and how the RAF would benefit from it.

    Life experience counts, though you may find it difficult being told what to do all the time by someone of similar or younger age.

    Scott - email me - [email protected] and i will talk you through your options for Air Traffic, as i'm the same age and been an ATCO for a while now.
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