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    Any good?

    Been thinking :yep:

    that I might like to do it with philosophy, as opposed to straight phil.

    Any feedback on the department at Durham would be greatly appreciated.

    My friend did, found it hard, switched to straight philosophy! It is a BSc, not a BA, so wishy waffley Freud type things are actively discouraged.

    The department's good, and yes, very "science" oriented. If you get the choice, choose Introduction to Psychology 2, not 1, as the former is more of the popular psychology stuff, the latter is more biological, unless you prefer that of course.

    It's very science-based (my housemate is a psychologist and likes to moan about that). In your second year, you don't have any choice in which modules you take so it's hard to "avoid" any bits that you don't want to do. It is a good department though, and she's happy (despite many moans around essay time!). Although this is just a personal observation from watching her, it does seem like you don't get much contact or help from the department beyond lectures. I don't know, however, if it's possible to get more if you're proactive about seeking help.

    The problem with combined courses in general is that you often don't have much flexibility in terms of which modules you take as you have to fulfil certain compulsory requirements, which doesn't leave many credits left for what you want to do.

    Have a look at the course structures and see what you think .

    Meh.. probably better asking bowman about whether it was any good (congrats on the 1st mate!). 2nd year was pretty horrific due to a module called Memory and language, but in 3rd year you get to choose your own.

    Modules are:

    1st year
    Psy 1: Basically Biology/Neuroanatomy and Animal behaviour.
    Psy 2: Social and Developmental Psychology

    2nd year
    Memory and Language - Evolution of Language, Syntax, Visual Memory, STM, etc
    Abnormal - Learning about Conditions/Disorders, their etymology and treatments, History of medicine.
    Development/Social - The general "mickey-mouse" psychology most think of. Includes Group Psychology/Child Development.
    Biological Psychology - Vision, Memory, and Conditioning.
    Stats - Maths
    Practicals - Carrying out and writing up experiments. I see to remember doing Aggression and Impulsity, and Attractiveness.

    3rd year.

    I did - Child Health Psychology - Learn about Pregnancy, effects of smoking, depression,eating disorders, Pain.
    Emotion and Social Cognition - Stay away from this. Its basically learning about emotions - Think anatomy/Neuroanatomy/neural substrates. Not fun..
    Development - T.O.M, Language, Action production, Play/Scaffolding, Learning from a child's perspective.
    Evolution of Human behaviour. - Probably the most popular of all 3rd year modules. Its essentially Gcse Biology + David attenborough.
    Monogamy/Attractiveness/Sexual Selection/Natural selection/Altruism and Gene/Meme Evolution.

    Dissertation - 10k words.

    Also on offer were Social Psychology (apparently good), Psychology in schools (no idea) and Architecture of Vision (one to avoid).

    I WOULD say the course is a lot harder than most people expect, and has a strange layout in terms of work.
    Imagine sleeping for most of Autumn, and partying for Winter. When Springtime hits - you're dead. 4 essays, reports, projects and exams., in the space of about 2 weeks. Dissertation was probably the most rewarding module. Working 1 on 1 with a tutor. But its tough work.

    I didnt get much help from the tutors (other than my dissertation), but i have heard of those who had got a lot of help. One of the better lecturers was Anne Campbell and Anthony Somebodyorother who teaches 2nd year. Although Anne refused to help me (my own fault), i heard she was brilliant support during 2nd yr for some of my friends.

    Theres a mix of absolutely brilliant lecturers who would help you out with anything (Dr.Drewett), unsympathetic tutors, people who are gods at their research choice, and pure fruitloops who probably shouldnt be there (think Psychological reasoning/Wason task). I suppose when it comes down to it, durham is a good course for psychology, but its not your typical arty farty course. There is a lot of science, and if you're just not prepared for that, then you won't enjoy it.

    I quit psychology as it was too sciencey for me, if you prefer 'arts' to 'sciences' I'd say go for the joint honours (or even combined) =)


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