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Grand Infrastructure Projects the UK Needs watch


    (Original post by Student2806)
    I really don't see the need for an Irish Sea tunnel. Maybe they should sort out the roads we have now before building another tunnel to another country.
    A most important priority for me is the A1 between Newcastle and Edinburgh - the fact that it's still single carriageway is scandalous as far as I'm concerned.
    I'm in two minds about this, on the plus it will make the road quicker and safer which is fair enough. However I think the fact the road is still single carriageway puts people off moving to the area which is something of a godsend. Already houses have been built in my village and many others which have simply been filled with retiree's, middle aged people who do not integrate into the local community what-so-ever, they would rather drive to Newcastle to do the shop when there are perfectly good shops in the village, they have had there kids so there not keeping the local schools open and they don’t drink so the pubs aren’t getting anything out of it. A new road would just make more people move in at a time when the money isn’t there to improve the local infrastructure for them; most of the roads around here haven’t seen a council worker for 30 years!

    Ok, here goes;

    -High Speed Rail linking london to Swansea, Manchester/Liverpool/possibly Glasgow, Edinburgh/Leeds/Newcastle, even Plymouth. Connect to Ashford tunnel link.

    Maglevs would be nice, Edinburgh in 1 hr 10 mins, but £2bn per mile isnt really viable.

    -Enlarge a northern airport and introduce more long-haul flights to take pressure off Heathrow.

    - Some of my older fellow engineers seem to think Crossrail is necessary. £16bn would be better off improving London's tube network.

    -Introduce large-scale hydrogen production for vehicles, it may be expensive but is emission-free fuel. Use renewable sources to power synthesizing plants.

    -Build more nuclear stations. Yes, we have to deal with waste, and renewables are completely clean, but:

    -They are expensive and land-consuming
    -Cannot realistically power the country in the coming future.

    -Fund more research into developing feasible Nuclear Fusion technology for energy production- in my eyes, the ultimate solution to the coming fossil fuel shortages and global warming.

    (Original post by PJ991)
    I also think an airport other than Heathrow should be expanded, outside London
    Stansted is going to be expanded when they pull their fingers out and get on with it.

    we need infrastructure that can help improve productivity levels, and make us competitive in the future.

    To this end, I reckon there should be high-speed rail links between all major UK cities, as well as trams/light-rail systems in big towns and cities.

    A tunnel to Ireland makes little sense to me. Ireland wouldn't have to agree with it, and what would the return on investment be? Ireland is not a major trading partner to the UK, so it wouldn't make possible better trading.

    (Original post by Carl)

    As well as the M4 Toll around Newport and the final section of the Cardiff bypass between Southern Way and the Bay. I drove from Birmingham to Cardiff today and the final stretch from Newport took ages because the existing roads are so congested.

    surprise, surprise, Wales' roads lose out to the credit crunch. Who are they to say that a Toll relief road around Newport won't be economically viable? People won't pay £6 like on the Severn Bridge, but if it were sensibly priced (£2 per trip or £10 a week) it would be affordable and would take pressure off the main M4, which is currently really congested from the border all the way to Cardiff. Both routes would be quicker and it would make Cardiff and beyond more attractive to business. Yet short term budget cuts under the Assembly, masked behind mealy words about the environment and "investment in public transport" (have you seen the buses and trains in South Wales? Cardiff is ok but beyond is a joke) ignore the bigger picture and the opportunity that exists at the moment to both free up the main route into South Wales and make the whole area benefit from the economic possibilities such a road would bring.

    I'm staggered.
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