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    As it gives the USA a reason to maintain a military presence in South Korea and Japan.

    If Korea united, it's probably likely they'd tell the USA to **** off and it's likely Japan and Korea would aim to become a major regional power in their own right instead of just being satellite states of the USA.

    The question is, would it be beneficial for Russia, China or Japan to instigate the situation in North Korea to prompt America to attack; something which would either:

    a) End up in the uniting of Korea, and thus ending the reason for the USA to stay in the region.

    b) America getting absolutely dealt with and having to pull all troops out of the region due to unstable political situation at home and rising debts.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

    I fail to see how Japan, Russia or China can instigate a direct war. Having said that, I quite like your logic about the benefit of North Korea not uniting with the South.

    Firstly, the US maintains a military presence over there because it has bases in Japan anbd South Korea(DMZ)

    Secondly, after what Japan did to Korea in World War II why would the North suddenly decide to form an alliance?

    Thirdly, why would the Korean peninsula be united?

    Put yourself in South Korea's shoes, would you really want to spend billions upon billions to revitalise the North's economy, military, country and the rest of it?

    Fourthly, why would Japan and South Korea want to lose arguably their biggest ally in terms or economic trade and military backing?

    I don't understand your logic...

    ^^^ coffee table Henry Kissinger here.


    Why would Korea unite?

    Why would the North and the South unite?

    For fun?

    No ,seriously I think the creator of this topic is not looking at it from a strategic and economic point of view as it's supposed to be looked at. As previous posts have hinted the conflict between the North and the South is one resulting in severe trauma and economic damage to both states.

    Yet, one side recovered fairly quickly and managed to set up one of the most effective technology based industries in the world, the other seemingly lagged behind and relies on propaganda and terror to maintain its social stability(in the presence of economic dysfunction). The North is seen as a state ruined by communism and dominated by poverty. This does not give the capitalist South a positive impression of their neighbors. It never did, and it never will.

    Seeing as South Korea has the a good relationship with the US it is highly unlikely that they will even consider uniting with the North. They would not be willing to support in any way a country that has openly admitted to nuclear arms tests and refused to stop them in the near future.Therefore, your assumption is wrong and is in no way realistic.

    Just some thoughts. I could go on about the strategic and economic alliance between Japan and the USA. The relationship between the South and Japan and why the North will be left forever in isolation (even if they do ,miraculously cancel any further plans for nuclear weapons and energy development) .

    Anyway, interesting discussion!


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