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Feeling depressed for my failed education watch


    (Original post by Gr8)
    No, for my AS I worked at a fairly decent rate, like I did at GCSE, I did no extra reading outside the subject and waited till the last couple of months to really go to town and work and it still didn't come out that great, I didn't do many past papers either and so ended up doing pretty bad. But this year I didn't revise as much yet this time I bothered working a bit throughout the year and worked pretty hard for the January exams pulling my grades up by quite a bit, yet by June I was depressed and wanted to give up really. I also hated all my A-level subjects because I didn't really care about it at the time, I thought it would be like GCSE. I'm gonna get somehwere between BBB-CCC. I couldn't work hard for my A2 year becuase I kept getting depressed and din't feel like working; I knew my friends had peformed much better than me at AS and had offers at places like Imperial and UCL in their A" year. But in my AS year I felt I worked hard but didn't have the right technique or guidance and then in the A2 year I was too shatttered to work, that summarises it.
    You did not work hard enough, obviously.

    I had to self study S1 and C4 for Maths, and got 94% in S1 and will get C4 results in August. Its hard, but lots of other people seem to manage to self study. Also, you say your doing Maths at uni, so presumably your doing it for A-level? Well tbh Maths is by far the easiest subject to self study as all you need to know is in one, well laid out, concise book, then all you need to do are past papers.

    In reality, at a good school you self-study a lot anyway. A-level courses contain a lot of material, and no one remembers much of what they did in September/ October by the time May/ June comes around, however good your teachers are. You seem incredibly lazy and only have yourself to blame.

    Here is some advice: you need to stop wallowing in self pity and blaming everyone else for your failure, and admit your (considerable) responsibility for not meeting your goals. This will allow you to move on and improve yourself as a person, rather than remain bitter.

    And let me tell you something - no one gets a place at Imperial or UCL by doing no extra reading, waiting until the last few months to do work outside of lessons, and not doing many past papers.
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