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    I've been driving for about 9/10 months. However about three months ago I moved house so obviously had to get a new driving instuctor. I have not been driving for about six weeks. However a few weeks ago I started driving lessons again. My driving instructor is fine, however my driving has gone way down hill. I have seemed to forget all the basic things. Before I moved house I was almost at test standard and was so relaxed at driving. I expected to put in for my test before I went to university, however at the rate I am going I won't be able to put in for my test. I've only had a few lesson's with my current instuctor but it did not go well! I paniced, hit a kurb!, courned to quick ect.

    I know it's only the first few lesson but i'm worried about not being able to get back into it. The area that I have driven in is different to where I used to live. I felt so scared and nervous when I was driving and am so disappointed in myself. When I was driving my head seem to go blank. Once lesson when I turned left or right I would change to 2nd gear to late, and as I courned I kept the clutch down even though my head told me to release it. Silly I know!

    My instructor said it always takes time to get use to a new car, driving in a new area ect.

    My first lesson I forgot all my mirror checks, but when I went for my lesson yesterday I did tend to remember most of my mirror checks. Which was good, but I'm still not happy as I was always told that driving is something you don't forget.

    A friend suggested that I may be forgetting certain things because i'm to nervous. When I first started driving with my first ever instructor I was a nervous driving but then I changed to my old driving instutor and I felt so relaxed and confident. Just wondering as anyone else been though something similar and how did they get on?

    Thanks to anyone who responds.

    Take it slowly and get used to being in, what I assume, is a new car for you. 6 weeks is still quite a long time not to have driven for. Plus if you're in a new car there's a learning curve to follow - it would be the same for an experienced driver, it just takes longer because you don't have that experience. Just relax into it and enjoy the experience of being back at the wheel - I stopped having lessons 2 years ago and was ready for my test I thought and having come back to driving it took a few lessons to get completely used to using a new car.


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