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I am doing English Lit, French, Maths and Geography for my A Levels, and I need to write a personal statement soon, but I still haven't decided what degree to do!

I have always been interested in Geography, and that seemed like the most obvious option for me. However, after looking into the courses a bit more, I found the Computer Science course (and this took me by storm). But after talking to a few people, and looking on the internet, I saw that Computer Science isn't a good degree as computers are much easier to use and I can find almost any information I am looking for on line.

But then I cam across software engineering and I was wondering if I could do comp sci as an undergrad degree and then do soft. eng as a post grad. Or should I do soft eng. as an under grad.

I also like economics, but after reading it, it seemed a bit boring. Is it a usefull degree.

What could I do??

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this sounds similar to a problem i had in year 10!

economics is a useful degree, and i've now settled on it
i chose not to persue computers/computer science degree because there are thousands of foreigners with many qualifications in computers and software engineering who are unemployed or filling up all the vacancies, so i'm leaving the computers stuff as a hobby

i didn't want to do geography in the end becaues it's not quantitative and my skills at maths will go to waste

so i decided economics is right for me and i enjoy it and i read about it a lot

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