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Is Bruno worth watching? watch


    Really, really underwhelming

    It felt like a sketch stretched to 80 minutes, with the exception of a couple of moments (which are all in the trailer) it didn't really make me laugh, it just made me feel really uncomfortable throughout the film, something Borat never really did and it had no real plot, like less of a plot than Borat, I just didn't particularly care about what was happening and was waiting for it to end

    Crude, vulgar, unfunny, targets that really didn't deserve it, no message or aim, also vast amounts of it seemed staged

    Sacha Baron Cohen must try harder

    Also an ending scene where Elton John, Chris Martin and Bono are in on the joke falls completely flat on its face and it has absolutely no comic value

    Bono and Chris Martin in particular are ***** and SBC should really have done something better with these men in the room and the cutting of the MJ scene just exhibits a lack of cajones

    Seriously everything funny is in the trailer, there is no need to go through the other 79 minutes of this film

    i think it's a really funny film, i'd watch it as the 18 though. being 17 i just sneaked into the 18 ahah but if you're gonna watch it do not watch the cut one!

    anyway, it's funny and worth watching, but go into the movie not expecting much because it has been over hyped a the best comedy movie ever and all this crap... so just go in not expecting an awful lot and there are lots of good laughs!

    to add to this:
    i thought it was more funny the second time i watched it.. i downloaded it after i got back from the cinema, i think it is something that grows on you.

    i loved borat and i think bruno could be just as good... just watch it on dvd when it comes out and i think people will find it more funny second time round because there are some bits you miss!

    I thought it was better than Borat. I muchly enjoyed the gasps in the cinema at the abort-or-not bit.

    I was disappointed to be honest, and this is coming from someone who LOVED Borat. It was a lot more crude as opposed to funny I felt, plus I got the impression that it was much more scripted than Borat. There were a couple of bits that made me crack up laughing (and were really funny)...like the test panel for his new programme and their reactions...but most of it was only enough to get a smile out of me =/

    It seemed more of an exposé on how homophobic certain people were rather than a comedy :p:

    That said, kudos to him for some of the really tongue-in-cheek and risque things he did in the movie, like the aforementioned abort-or-not. Shock! :p:

    I saw it last week sometime, and I suppose it was okay. But I'm not really a fan of Sasha's work, and hadn't seen Borat although I know of the film. Some bits were okay, but it wouldn't score highly with me, I even paid over £7 to get in.

    (The cinema said that friday evening was the weekend so they had to charge us more!!)

    The baby casting part was pretty good. It's really shocking to see how far people would go in order to get their baby a role. Bruno: "can your baby lose 10lb?". That one woman actually considered liposuction.

    Most of it I was really disappointed with.

    There were a few moments that were quite funny though, like the chat show, the cage fighting place and the encounter with the woman who keeps beating him at the orgy

    Other than that though its really stretched out, I don't think there was enough funny material to stretch it out for that long and it just became sloppy.

    Saying that though, the guy has got massive balls to do some of the things he does.


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