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    Cambridge Economics 2:2
    Warwick Economics 1st


    (Original post by sil3nt_cha0s)
    how would the megathread idea work when you need loads of different polls? :confused:
    I don't see the point in polls- you miss the point. Next week it might be "Oxford English 2:1 vs Edinburgh 1st", then Cambridge Maths 2:2 vs Newcastle 1st, then LSE Economics 2:1 vs York 1st, then Imperial 2:2 Chemistry vs Manchester 1st and so on.

    Another poll won't help anything. Whats been asked, in a myriad of different ways, is, would one swap being elite at 'the rest', for middle of the pack obscurity amongst the 'elite'? It's been debated until everyone is close to tears, TSR are leaning towards 'No' as it stands, so asking the same question once a week with a slightly different set of circumstances isn't going to further the debate in any way, shape or form.

    NO competition, i'd take the first

    The first...that wasn't much of a choice to be fair ^_^. Ultimate TSR challenge: can we go 2 weeks without a similar thread? :teeth:

    deffinately a ffirst ffor me
    • PS Reviewer

    PS Reviewer
    (Original post by Joel4fun4u)

    Try getting onto a post grad course at Cambridge with a 2:2 Cambridge degree (you will fail).
    I dunno: my tutor implied that if Oxford really wants me back for postgrad (debatable :p: ), that they'd give me an offer even with a predicted/actual 2:2 Oxford degree :yes:

    Sorry to spoil the fun, but I don't think this thread is really going anywhere.

    There's a similar thread from just two days ago, although at least that had a sliding scale of universities (the first being from Thames Valley and not a "top ten" like Warwick) and provided at least some discussion. But the "first from uni x V 2:1/2:2 from Oxbridge" has been done to death. This thread will continue with "first obviously" and "Warwick....duh" ad nasuem.

    I could merge it into the megathread from just the other day but, as mentioned, it's a completely different poll and one that takes a range of universities into account. I suggest the OP reads the many, many similar threads we have on this topic. It comes up at least once a month.

    So I think it's time for Tom Waits. Thread closed.

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