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    15 Pound of mine goes into a bond for university,
    15 I use on travel, books, stationery,
    And i got a job to cover clothes and shizz Sorteeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.

    I think EMA can unfair for the reasons stated by JustYourTypicalBlonde.

    For me, because my Dad was made redundant the year before last year, he received a lump sum payment which made his total income for the year equal over £30,000. However, really he didn't earn over £30,000. So last year, judging on his previous years income, i was not entitled to EMA. The problem was that he didn't have a job for the beginning of my year at college last year. Therefore, when i actually needed the money, i didn't have it.

    But now this year, my dad works, i am better off this year and i will receive £30 a week because they look at last year and see he is earning below £20,000. My problem is that the EMA is a year late for me because i needed it last year not this year.

    I don't get EMA and my family are really struggling for money and have been since before i started higher education.
    90% of my friends use it as alcohol money or to buy a 'new pretty dress for town' it just gets thrown away really.
    I also have a part time job and i only get paid £6 more than people on £30 a week get. So i think that encourages a lot of people not to bother with employment.
    I mean i have honestly nothing against those that put it to good use but i just think its unfair.
    When my Dad was out of work for 6 months last year we nearly lost the house and when we phoned the EMA people they said we could only get EMA if my dad was unemployed still at september.
    Its ridiculous. I can't even afford bus fair or much to be honest so i can't go out and have fun with my friends (who all get EMA.)
    I think it should be judged by how many siblings you have in your house too.
    I have a twin sister AND we have a three year old here too.
    Teenagers and toddlers are expensive. I have no idea how i'm going to be able to save up for uni or anything..

    (Original post by JustYourTypicalBlonde)
    EMA annoys me for the fact it is only for low/middle income families.

    I don't think it's fair that if your parents earn over £30,000 p.a. that the government assumes that they give money to their children.
    My parents earn over £30,000 and have 4 children, we never have money just given to us, unless it is for birthday/christmas present.
    My 6th form advised us not to work over 9 hours per week, but how am i meant to survive on £40 to pay for my phone, board, car insurance, car payments, petrol, books/equipment for college, food and actually having a social life.
    Whilst at college i have had to work 20-25 hours per week just to cover my cost of living, whilst my friend (that gets EMA) only works 8 hours per week and gets EMA, but still complains about having no money!

    Also i am having to work full time all summer to save up money to get to go to university whilst my friends and boyfriend are working 8 hours per week, having fun all summer and get university grants and loans.

    sorry bit of a rant there, but i feel better now
    God this age old argument! I agree 100% with you.

    To all the people that just think we are jellous becouse we dont get it, you couldent be more wrong. For me at least the reason i get so annoyed is becouse our parents pay loads (more than you obv) of tax to the goverment and all I would like to see is some of that back in the form of EMA.
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Updated: October 13, 2009
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