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    I've been back from uni for about 3 weeks now...and I honestly don't know where the time has gone, but I've realised I've probably seen my home friends a maximum of 3 times, and I haven't actually seen many of them at all.

    I've been working a bit, shifts during the day sometimes and a couple of nights a week at a local bar, so I haven't just been sat around doing nothing, but I've realised on my days off, when a couple of summers ago I would have been meeting up with people, I haven't. And the weird thing is...I don't really care.

    The funny thing is, I've been arranging more things with my uni friends (who I love dearly) who live over an hour away than with my friends who live near me. Doesn't help that I live in the middle of nowhere so it's difficult to get to my home friends anyway.

    What I'm getting at really is, it seems that I have pretty much nothing to do with most people around here anymore, and it doesn't even upset me really. What gets to me a little bit is that things seem to be arranged, and I'm not invited, but it's because a lot of them live very very close (within walking distance) whereas I'd have to drive. It seems that their plans just involve people who are there at the time, and as i'm not there, I don't get involved.

    But often, nothing is arranged at all. And whenever I have suggested doing something, people always assume I mean going out clubbing or something, when really I just mean things during the day most of the time. It seems "doing something"= going out and getting drunk to most people now.

    I just miss uni I guess. I've been more in contact with uni people and I have plans with them, and so I suppose things really have changed here. My parents are all nosey and wondering why I haven't been out with so and so recently...and I really can't even answer it, cos I don't know why. I just can't be bothered to organise anything and I'm not that interested. I seem to be taking the, they can suggest something approach...but no one has.

    Anyone else in a similar position?

    please keep anon for obvious reasons!!

    It's like I wrote that post, seriously. I am in nearly exactly the same position.
    Most of my friends have either graduated or are graduating right now, so are busy working, moved away or stayed in thier uni towns. I have one friend who has a toddler and has become bessies with another person with a toddler. Then I have this other 'best friend' who has basically ignored me the last three years and each time we get together we have less and less to talk about. We havent seen each other in nearly 7/8 months now and yesterday he got in contact saying 'when are you back home we should meet up!'. I was like i've been home from uni for a month. He only wants to meet up cos his birthday is coming up.
    I have spend my days either working or sitting in my room doing little things here and there. I have tried to sign up for the gym and I have a circuits class to go to at 6pm today, the only thing I have done with my day.
    I miss my uni friends so much. Although my best m8 from uni is 5 hours away from me which sucks.
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