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    Yes, but in a society like the one in the UK, everyone has a free choice and hence, this freedom leads to individuality which then leads to a displayed "miserable" society... or maybe its just the weather..

    (Original post by kidpoker)
    Society is obviously broken. The chav epidemic is destroying everything positive in this country.

    If this threat is not wiped out this country will become a lazy, unemployed, thugish, wasteland where speaking like a fool and being violent replace hard work and succesful careers as high points of life.

    RIP british society
    true. too many people are supported by the government for being lazy. so many people are able to work but choose not to.
    also there are too many selfish people in this country, just out to help themselves and not anyone else

    Rats in a glass box fighting over food cannot comment on the glass box in which they live. Similarly, one cannot comment on a society with any real accuracy when one is living in it.
    Personally, I like American society. There's enough space that almost everybody can do what they want, the government leaves the people alone by and large, and there is a public services free-market (you get the best schools and best healthcare if you pay for it) which means things improve (just look at Harvard/Yale compared to Oxford/Cambridge). It's a country where anyone can have the best if they work hard enough for it. Yeah, there's poverty and violence, but unlike this country one can move oneself well away from it. When 40% of Americans don't own a passport we can tell that they are very much content with the land they live in. Probably the nicest people I've met have been American, equally some of the weirdest people I've met come from there. I hope to move out to America after university and built a life there, a life which if I built I can choose the very best, from education for myself and my children, to healthcare and home. It's hard, and it's difficult, but it has the best rewards.


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