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    I read that Adam Smith : said that the population will grow to meet the demand of labour as mortatlity rateds decrease however I was wondering if that can still be true due to the following developments -please don't criticise to harshly these are just impulse thoughts:

    *womens rights- women have become a large part of the workforce in the increasing number of westernised country and are thus more concerned with careers than children
    * having children has become more an emotional decision than economic as children are no longer used for labour they aren't an increased income but more of a drain on it.
    *Increased education on contraception as well as it's invention .
    * Devolopment in LDCs of contraception and decreases in rape etc.
    * Immigration reducing the labour force in the home countries. once the home countries devlop surely soemone must suffer.

    Contrary to this though I guess these could go for the argument:
    *The Smith argument will apply to LDCs where there are high mortality rates.
    *The increasing longevity of people (so if the retirement age was raised)
    *the cost of living (and job prospects) is likely to put off people wishing to have children so if they go down they are more likely to go ahead with the decision but this won't affect people who weren't considering it.
    * at a long shot the dedvlopment of genetics or robotics- we could be able to manufacture a larger workforce if needed.

    After all that im afraid it sounded really stupid!
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Updated: July 17, 2009


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