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    I underachieved quite a lot, and have missed the offers for both my unis and so shall be retaking in November.

    I got HL German 4,
    Philosophy 5,
    Psychology 5,
    SL English 5,
    Maths 5,
    Biology 4
    totaling 28.

    I want to study MFL at uni, so I'm definitely retaking German, but I think that I should also retake another subject (or 2?) as I need to bump up my total score for all of the unis I'm interested in.

    My first thought would be to retake Maths studies as I didn't really work for it and I think that with a bit of work, it would be the easiest subject to bump up. However, I've been told I should ignore SL subjects? So that would leave just Psychology (I'm not retaking Philosophy).

    But, Psychology seems like a difficult subject top retake as the syllabus is so large and I'm worried I won't be able to cover it all before November. I could easily do worse and drop down to a 4. Also, in the 3 papers I got 3,5,7 leveling out to a 5, and so retaking it I could also very easily just come out with 5,5,5 with a lot of work.

    First you need to look at what requirements are there for your uni offer and the number of points needed. I reckon you should retake german, maths and bio (if you hv potential for a higher grade)

    It would make sense to retake German, and maybe English, although that is a lot of work. Its not true that the SLs dont matter, I think it would be best to retake whatever subjects you feel most comforable with, and can work with best on your own, or with less help.
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    I've decided to go with German, Maths and TOK. If I can get 24/30 for the TOK essay I could potentially get a bonus point which would be fantastic considering it's just one 1500 word essay.
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