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Worried about the possibility of my dad leaving. watch

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    Hi guys,
    My parents have been married for around 30 years. For the past 2-3 years, things have been getting tens in the house, and my parents just dont seem to get on anymore.
    I had a brief man-to-man talk with my dad, and he confessed that he has had thoughts about leaving in the past, that sometimes you just need to take action, and that you cant replace time that you've wasted. I told him to talk to me first if he ever had any more thoughts about leaving, and he just kind've glanced the question off, and said "I've stuck with it this long to get us this far.. I'll be here in the morning."

    I don't know how seriously to take what he's saying. As much as I don't really get on with my mum either (due to her stressing/worrying about everything, much more than any typical parent would), and I am near enough the age of moving out, I know she would be absolutely destroyed if he'd left. I almost feel like it's my duty to take this seriously, before something irreversable happens.

    I don't know what to do..

    I don't think he will leave. My dad died when I was eleven , however I never saw him more than 6 times in my life. During my life , my mum has said she's going to leave me and my sister , and she never has. So I don't think your dad will.

    As much as it is a bad situation, i also take my hat off to you for being so concerned about the whole thing, but it may actually make it worse or at least a little harder for them to try and work something out, if you wade in and try and get your point across. Its is something after 30 years your parents do need to sort out together, maybe with some support from you but i dont think you should be in the fore front of the whole thing.

    I can see how you are worried but relationships do have their ups and downs there may be a light at the end of the tunnel there may not be, stay positive and hope there is a resolution that suits everyone to this.
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