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    Uni is the answer

    if not just murder her

    My mother is exactly the same. Though, I'm sixteen.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I'm 18, should be going to Uni in a couple of months and live with just my mum, and was wondering (almost a mini survey) whether any of you find the following normal at my age in terms of parent-"child" relationships.

    Every day after college I have to call my mum and tell her I'm coming back home. If I want to pop round to a friend's house or do something else, I have to ask for permission.

    I almost certainly get a bed-time. Round 11 pm on school nights and can go up to 2 am over the holidays.

    I HAVE to eat every time a meal has been cooked and cannot choose to skip meals if I am not hungry/ not feeling well.

    I can't lock my own door.

    My mum barges into my room whenever she likes, and cleans it up. All my other friends' rooms are absolute tips, they feel much more homely. I just feel as if I'm living in some hotel room.

    My mum knows where everything is in my room better than I do. She feels free to open my cupboards/drawers/everything as well as rearranging my room as often as possible.

    She insists my bed is made every single ******* day.

    She tries to peer over my shoulder to see what I'm doing on the internet, if I change the window because I'm typing something personal I always get accused.

    I have to ask permission to go to the corner shop.

    I have to ask permission to go out with friends and tell her who I am going with and where exactly.

    I always get comments like "dry your hair" "wash your hair" "wear a jumper" "don't drink too much water".

    No alcohol is kept in the house, because having the odd drink when I want it makes me an "alcoholic". Last time I managed to find it, I had a good few friends round and finished it off. I got some huge lecture about how much of a degenerate alcoholic I was and that people of my age go out and have one drink and "debate stuff" on their nights out.

    So far my holiday is going ****.

    The text in bold, is what I wish my mum would do more often. She hardly cooks anymore, and it's a pain the ass when you have to cook for yourself and can't be bothered. I also would love for her to even clean my room once a month, would make my happy but is not necessary really.

    To be honest, I'm 19, and apart from the Internet thing (dad is the nosy one), the rearranging thing, and the bedtime thing, my mum is pretty much the same.

    But I'm grateful for her. And I don't see her as a control freak.

    Try talking to your mum; ask her to relax a little on certain things.

    Just do what you want and stand up to her.

    Your mum seems to be a very devoted mother but she definitely has to let you more space and freedom. You're not a child anymore. Just talk to her calmly, tell her how you feel. I think she'll understand that she overprotects you. Now you're gonna go to Uni, you should be allowed to go out whenever you want.
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