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Civilization IV (+ Expansions) vs Galactic Civilizations II (+ Expansions) watch

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    I have Civ 4 with all expansions and recently bought Gal Civ 2 Ultiimate Edition.

    On the surface they are exactly the same thing, just at different a different perspective. Personally, I'd say Gal Civ 2 has the most attention to detail, and is certainly more customisable. There is also, in my oppinion - greater depth to the gameplay in Gal Civ 2, but this can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the player. It's also much more plausable to succeed peacefully in Gal Civ II in comparison to Civ 4.

    Civ 4 is also very charming Yet there are some things that bug me about Civ 4, for example, historical obseneity - America did not found hinduism, nor did Genghis Kahn declare war on Stalin. Stonehenge does not belong in Shanghai! Ofcourse this is unavoidable, and the gameplay still remains great - but it is annoying.

    My personal vote goes to Gal Civ II on this one, but I still love Civ 4 too
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    I saw this thread and thought "I'm going to play on Civilization II now" because that's the only one I have and I'm oldskool. Civilization :coma:

    I don't know of these new fangled ones you speak of.

    The problem with Civ IV is that once you understand the basics and have played a few games it is frightfully boring. The Tech trees are unimaginative, with very little changing over time. There is no chance for tech customisation or specialisation... you can choose to get agriculture before masonry, but you will need to pick up masonry very quickly anyway. The same for civics: the civics don't genreally make much difference or provide for much choice; once you have developed them the choices are very obvious. It is also quite imbalanced: it attempts to make tundra useful for resources, and attempts to create a situation where people fight for resources, but fails miserably.

    Civ IV does have some outstanding mods though. Google for "Fall From Heaven II". It adds a lot more depth to it... you can genuinely specialise your tech, national/religious units become important, the religions are very unique providing different bonuses and detriments, magic adds a new dimension to combat, and the civics have significant differences.

    There are also mods which add in a future/space age, something which a previous civ did very well, but civ IV lacks.

    I tried GC II but got bored because I found the interface difficult to use and the game very slow to get going.
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